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Collecting and caring for the Beasts of Hogwarts Legacy is an important part of upgrading your gear. In total there are 13 Beasts available in-game, with three of them available as mounts. Capturing Beasts requires the completion of The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and The Loom quest.

Once Beasts have been captured, you can eventually use a breeding pen in the Vivarium to breed them with a chance at acquiring a shiny version.

Resource: Diricawl Feather
Best Locations: Ruins northwest of Keenbridge, Western Poidsear Coast

Diricawls are flightless birds with the ability to disappear and reappear at will to escape danger. They are known in the Muggle world as the seemingly extinct Dodo bird. Casting Levioso or Accio on them is necessary to capture them, as they’ll turn invisible to escape.

hogwarts legacy approaching diricawls

Resource: Fwooper Feather
Best Locations: Northwest of Feldcroft, Southeast of the Phoenix Mountain Cave

Fwoopers are colorful birds who can drive people insane with their singing. Luckily, they probably can’t drive you insane in-game. You can cast Levioso or Accio on them to make it easier to catch Fwoopers, but sometimes it won’t be necessary. They tend to fly side-to-side, which is not a very effective method to escape.

Resource: Toad Warts
Best Locations: Near North Ford Bog Floo Flame, Southeast of Upper Hogsfield

Giant Purple Toads are a magical species of toad known for their large size and warts. They are relatively simple to catch thanks to a slow movement speed and lack of wings.

Resource: Graphorn Horn
Best Locations: Only found in Clagmar Coast

Graphorns serve as the only ground mount available in Hogwarts Legacy. They have a powerful charge attack, making them viable for riding into combat. However, you will have to complete San Bakar’s Trial and defeat a graphorn in combat before unlocking the ability to ride one.

Resource: Hippogriff Feather
Best Locations: Northeast of Feldcroft, Northeast of The Mine’s Eye

Hippogriffs are large, majestic Beasts with the front half of an eagle and the back half of a horse. As you might be able to guess, catching them is tricky both due to their ability to fly and natural suspicions of humans. To catch them, cast Disillusionment before approaching them and then cast Levioso. This will make them vulnerable enough to capture.

Resource: Jobberknoll Feather
Best Locations: Southeast of San Bakar’s Tower, South of Marunweem

Jobberknolls are colorful birds that won’t make any noise until they die, when they release every sound they ever heard backwards in a horrific scream. They are some of the easier Beasts to catch, and are caught as part of The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and The Loom quest.

Resource: Kneazle Fur
Best Locations: South of Keenbridge, Southwest of Marunweem

Kneazles are a magical, feline Beast who are common pets among wizard folk. In-game, they are common Beasts that have several dens in the southern regions.

Resource: Mooncalf Fur
Best Locations: Northwest of the Quidditch Pitch, South of Feldcroft

Mooncalves are shy, burrowing beasts with a long neck and large eyes. They are the only beast which can only be caught at night, their den will be empty during the day.

Resource: Niffler Fur
Best Locations: Southeast of Feldcroft, East of Keenbridge

Nifflers are burrowing creatures with a long snout similar to a platypus. They are typically portrayed as having black fur, but in Hogwarts Legacy they can have a variety of coat colors.

hogwarts legacy catching nifflers

Resource: None
Best Locations: N/A, only acquired via Phoenix Rising quest

The phoenix is a rare, magical Beast that will perpetuate it’s life by bursting into flames and being reborn from it’s ashes. Only one phoenix exists in-game, and it requires completing the Phoenix Rising quest. It does not produce any resources and it is not available as a mount.

Resource: Puffskein Fur
Best Locations: North of Feldcroft, 2 Dens in the Forbidden Forest

Puffskeins are round, fluffy creatures that are very common pets in the Wizarding World. Along with that, they are also by far the easiest Beast to catch. They are commonly moving in groups near each other, making them easy pickings. This is especially true if you have the talent that allows using Levioso on multiple targets. This can be very useful if you are catching them to sell at the Brood and Peck in Hogsmeade.

hogwarts legacy catching puffskeins

Resource: Thestral Hair
Best Locations: Eastern North Ford Bog, East of Marunweem Lake

Thestrals are winged horses with a skeletal body and large wings similar to a bat. Players can own a unique one as a mount from owning the Dark Arts Pack DLC. They can also be found in two dens in-game, where they are equally as difficult as hippogriffs to catch. Approach them using Disillusionment and cast Levioso to have the best chance of success.

Resource: Unicorn Hair
Best Locations: Only located in the Forbidden Forest

Unicorns are iconic white horses with a single horn protruding from their head. Only one den of unicorns exists, and it is in the Forbidden Forest. They may be the hardest Beast to catch, making Disillusionment and Levioso an absolute must to successfully capture them. Even with utilizing those spells, it’s possible the unicorn can still flee after Levioso wears off. Recast it or utilize Accio to avoid having to chase a unicorn around.

Saving Beasts is an important aspect of Hogwarts Legacy, both to protect them from poachers and to upgrade your own gear. Have any questions or concerns? Let us know in the comments!

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