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Giant Purple Toad

Game: Hogwarts Legacy

Drop: Toad Warts
Favorite Toy: Tumbleweed
Mount: No

The Large Violet Toad

Giant Purple Toads are Beasts that are closely related to toads and known for their useful warts. Dens of them can be found in North Ford Bog and the Forbidden Forest.

Where to Find Giant Purple Toads?

  • Two Dens in North Ford Bog(map 1, map 2)
  • Western Forbidden Forest(map)
  • Southeast of Upper Hogsfield(map)
  • North of Aranshire(map)
  • South of Northern Sea Bog(map)
  • Center of Marunweem Lake(map)
  • Island between Clagmar Coast and Manor Cape(map)
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