Astronomy Tables – Hogwarts Legacy

One type of the Collectibles you can discover in the game are the Astronomy Tables. If you happened to feel an unexplainable sense of curiosity and wonder as you gazed upon the starry night sky hovering above the deep forests and vast hills surrounding the Hogwarts Castle, you are in the right place: in this guide we will introduce you to the Astronomy Tables, how to unlock this collectible, and where you can find them!

Astronomy Tables are scattered throughout the entire map, often at a great distance from one another and thus requiring some investigation to discover. Worry not, however, because we are about to give you all 15 locations for the Astronomy Tables in Hogwarts Legacy.

Note that you will discover the first one during the Astronomy Class questline, together with Amit Thakkar.

Astronomy Tables are one of the Collectibles in Hogwarts Legacy — intricately designed devices that can bestow celestial knowledge upon their users, provided they can figure out their way around a Telescope. Just like any other collectible, discovering all of the Astronomy Tables with their hidden constellations will grant you a very chic collectible outfit!

Every 5 constellations you view from the Astronomy Tables will unlock a part of the special outfit:

Note that the Astronomy Tables can only be used during the night hours.

astronomy table hogwarts legacy
An example of an Astronomy Table

You can start finding Astronomy Tables in the world right after you complete the Astronomy Class main quest, which will teach you how to work with a Telescope. Before you start star hunting, though, keep in mind that the Astronomy Tables (just like the Demiguise Moons) are collectibles that can only be accessed during the night.

Remember that you can always wait/advance time if you happen to stumble upon an Astronomy Table during the day.

Identifying constellations will require you to complete a puzzle using the Telescope, which could feel a little daunting at first, but is well-explained to you during the Astronomy Class quest. However, if you are still confused or happened to forget, don’t sweat it; we will walk you through the process once again!

  1. To use an Astronomy Table, simply wait until it is night or Wait to pass the time.
  2. Then, you can approach the Table and place your telescope there by using the F/playstation square button/button xbox x v2.
  3. Once using the Telescope, you will have to match the pattern you get with the available glowing stars (image 2 below).
  4. This can be done by zooming in or out and rotating your telescope lens: to zoom in or out, simply use the playstation r2 button/playstation l2 button or computer key w t/computer key s t keys (for Console or PC, respectively). To Rotate your lens, use the playstation button analog r.svg (1) analog or computer key a t/computer key d t keys.
  5. Once you match the pattern with the stars, you will see the constellation you discovered in its full glory (image 5 below).

This will complete the constellation; remember that every 5 of them will unlock a piece of the Starry-Eyed Seer’s outfit!

Now that you are armed with your telescope and a sense of adventure, we hope you enjoy exploring the stars! Let us know in the comments below which constellation in Hogwarts Legacy ended up being your favorite.

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