Rarity Levels & Gear Ranking – Hogwarts Legacy

Once you start finding a bit of Gear in Hogwarts Legacy, you might start to wonder what the differences are between your green-colored Well-Appointed gear and blue Superb gear… and what is so special about the fancy Legendary gear you keep hearing about? And, in addition to what you might expect (better stats and harder to find), there are also some differences in upgrading and traits.

In this guide, we will cover each Rarity Level and what you can expect from it!

In Hogwarts Legacy, Gear can have 5 different Rarity Levels, based on how difficult it is to discover and how powerful it is. More specifically, the harder an item is to acquire, the better stats and more magical properties it comes with, and the higher the Trait level it can accommodate. The lowest Rarity items can’t be equipped with Traits or Upgraded.

Of course, keep in mind that Rarity Level alone isn’t the only way to assess an item’s value: consider the stats it comes with, and what you already upgraded it to. Don’t let Rarity dictate what you equip: Legendary gear, for example, will stay at the level you found it at, so that golden orange color shouldn’t keep you from swapping out for better gear earlier in the game. (Check out our Legendary Gear guide for more tips.) Similarly, some items of lower Rarity may be better because of their stats!

  • Standard Gear
    • Starter Gear – No Magical Properties, Can’t Be Upgraded, No Traits
  • Well-Appointed Gear
    • Extremely Common – Low Magical Properties, Can’t Be Upgraded, No Traits
  • Superb Gear
    • Fairly Common – Medium Magical Properties, Supports Upgrading, Level I Traits
  • Extraordinary Gear
    • Rare Gear – High Magical Properties, Supports Upgrading, Level I & Level II Traits
  • Legendary Gear
    • Extremely Rare Gear – Highest Magical Properties, Supports Upgrading, Level I, Level II, and Level III Traits

If you want to learn more about Upgrading and Traits, check out our How to Upgrade Gear & Add Traits Guide!

Standard Gear is your Starter Gear, which will be assigned to all students attending the Hogwarts School. Characteristic of school uniforms, they are made to be unexciting.

standard gear hogwarts legacy
Example of a Standard Gear Handwear

As you can see, Standard Gear has no Magical Properties. It’s the weakest Rarity Level that you can use in Hogwarts Legacy, probably suitable for challenge runs only. You will want to either sell this gear for 30ui t galleonsor destroy it to free up the space for items with higher Rarity Level.

The first type of Gear you will encounter will be the Well-Appointed Rarity Level. This type of gear is extremely common and can be found in the majority of chests throughout the game, especially so in the starting area.

well appointed gear hogwarts legacy
Well-Appointed Gear Neckwear

Well-Appointed Rarity can come with either Offence or Deffence Stats, depending on the Gear Slot type. While this Rarity Level does at least come with some stats, it is advised to swap any Well-Appointed gear with a higher Rarity Level gear piece as soon as the opportunity presents itself, since this gear can’t be equipped with Traits or upgraded.

Each Well-Appointed Rarity Level item can be sold for 60ui t galleons. The price will remain the same, no matter what Traits, item level, or stats the gear piece has, or which Shopkeeper you sell it to.

Further down the line you will begin discovering the Superb Gear, a Rarity Level that is fairly common in Hogwarts Legacy, but can’t be found just anywhere like the Well-Appointed Gear.

superb gear hogwarts legacy
Superb Gear Handwear

As you can see, the Superb Rarity Level will come with a Level I Trait Slot in addition to the Offence or Defence Stats. Unlike the Well-Appointed Rarity Level, the Superb Gear can be upgraded, up to three times. Upgrades and socketing in Traits can be done at the Enchanted Loom — we discuss this in more detail in our How to Upgrade Gear & Add Traits guide.

All Superb Rarity Level items can be sold for 90ui t galleons. Just like with the Well-Appointed Gear, the price for these items does not change, even with the higher level or better stats.

Once you start taking adventuring in Hogwarts Legacy a bit more seriously, you will begin to discover Extraordinary Rarity Level Items. Those can be quite hard to find, but they will come with Traits already on them, or with generous stats!

extraordinary gear hogwarts legacy
Extraordinary Gear Headwear with a Level I Trait Equipped

Extraordinary Level Rarity Gear comes with better Defence or Offence Stats, along with a Level II Trait Slot. It can be upgraded in the same way the Superb gear can — up to three times. Note that Extraordinary Gear can hold both Level I Traits and Level II Traits, and might come with a Trait equipped — feel free to swap that Trait at the Enchanted Loom, if you would like.

Each Extraordinary Rarity Level item can be sold for 150ui t galleons. As with other Rarity Levels, the price will not change no matter what stats and Traits the item has.

Finally, we arrive to the highest Rarity Level in Hogwarts Legacy — the Legendary Rarity Level Gear! These items will be the hardest to find, but will come with the highest stats and the Level III Trait Slot. This is the best Rank of Gear in the game, the best version of the items you could acquire for your character build.

legendary gear hogwarts legacy
Legendary Cloaks & Robes Gear Piece with a Level I Trait Equipped

Just like the Extraordinary Rarity Level, the Legendary Gear could come equipped with a Trait in addition to the base Offence and Defence stats it comes with — in this case, the highest of their kind. In the image shown above, you can see a Legendary Cloaks & Robes Piece with a randomly generated Trait upon discovery (once again, it can be freely swapped out at the Enchanted Loom).

The Legendary Rarity Level can hold either a Level I Trait, a Level II Trait, or a Level III Trait — the only piece that can be equipped with the highest Trait level.

As with the others, the Legendary Gear will always sell for 200ui t galleons, no matter which type of Trait it holds or what level or stats the item has.

If you want to learn more about the Legendary Gear and where to find it, you should check our dedicated Legendary Gear guide which also includes a database containing all of the available Legendary drops in the game!

Now that you know how Rarity Levels & Gear Ranking work, we wish you the best of luck discovering as many magical treasures as possible. Let us know in the comment section below which type of Gear you found the most in Hogwarts Legacy!

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