The Man Behind the Moons – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

The Man Behind the Moons is an optional quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Gladwin Moon is relieved that you got rid of some of the Demiguise Statues within Hogwarts, but there are more, spread throughout the castle and beyond, and he still doesn’t know who put them up in the first place. Will you continue to help him with this problem?

The Man Behind the Moons will automatically start when you complete The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament. Gladwin Moon would appreciate more help from you — he would like for you to continue collecting Moons from Demiguise Statues while he figures out who is behind their design and placement.

You will now have to collect 9 Demiguise Moons from Statues, but they can be from any location as long as they don’t involve higher-level locks. There are a total of 10 statues in Hogwarts Castle, 9 in Hogsmeade, and 11 in The Highlands. Feel free to check out our Demiguise Statues guide to see locations and instructions for each one of them!

There are two things to keep in mind for locating these:

  • Demiguise Moons can only be collected off of the Statues at night.
  • There will be a few that are behind level 2 locks, so you won’t be able to get these at first.
    • This quest will unlock the required spell for you as you progress through it.
hogwarts legacy demiguise statue divination classroom 2

Once you’ve collected from 9 statues, go back to Gladwin, who will be right where you started the quest. Give him the Moons you gathered, and he will upgrade your Alohomora to level 2. After that, he will ask you to collect from 13 more Demiguise Statues — now that you can open level 2 locks, though, you will have access to every statue, so feel free to go after whichever ones you want (our Demiguise Statues guide may prove useful here!).

hogwarts legacy the man behind the moons gladwin

After you have collected 13 more Moons, return to Gladwin again to deliver them, and he will upgrade your Alohomora to level 3. He’ll then ask you to wait to hear from him while he figures out who the culprit is. Now you’ll just have to kill time while you wait for the next step in the quest — feel free to continue the main story, or just tackle another side quest while you’re waiting!

Once you’ve waited long enough, you will receive an Owl Letter from Piers Pemberton, where he tries to tell you not to interfere with the statues — it’s time to speak with him directly. Head to the South Hogsmeade Floo Flame, and go northeast to find him. Speak to him, and he will tell you all about the Demiguise Statues, including why they were created.

hogwarts legacy the man behind the moons piers

Now you will need to return to Gladwin Moon, who will still be in the same area. Speak to him to tell him who the culprit is. Afterwards, you will have completed The Man Behind the Moons, and you’ll be able to open every lock you encounter!

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