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Hogwarts Legacy has many kinds of hidden stashes and chests waiting for you to find them, and Collection Chests are among them — this type of a Collectible can be found hidden throughout all of Hogwarts and its surrounding regions.

In this article, we will explain exactly what the Collection Chests are, where they can be found, and what they unlock!

In addition to the regular chests, random loot sacks, Ornate Chests, and Disillusionment Chests, you can also discover Collection Chests. These can be found hidden behind different kinds of puzzles in Hogwarts, inside people’s homes all throughout the Hamlets in the Highlands, or inside the various Bandit Camps all around the map.

Collection Chests can grant you three different types of collectibles:

  • Wand Handles:
    • Wand Handles are a cosmetic item. They serve no other purpose other than customizing the appearance of your Wand.
  • Room of Requirement Spellcrafts:
    • In addition to the utility Spellcrafts you can acquire from Hogsmeade to assist you with Crafting in the Room of Requirement, the Collection Chests will unlock a large variety of Decorations for your Room of Requirement. Those recipes can range from various types of portraits, tables, chairs, sofas, Vivarium decorations, and many more.
  • Gear Traits:
    • Aside from the initial traits you get when you unlock the Loom, the main way of acquiring new Traits is from Collection Chests hidden inside Bandit Camps. Traits are used to empower your character by enhancing different Spell effects, either single spells or a spell category.

The type of Collection Chest loot will vary based on the location: we already mentioned that Collection Chests in Bandit Camps, for example, will always drop a Trait. Note that the item or Trait you get from the Chest will always be random.

Some Collection Chests will be easily accessible, others will be guarded by strong Enemies inside Bandit Camps, hidden behind complex puzzles, or require you to have the Alohomora spell (perhaps even a specific rank — we have a guide on How to Unlock Doors & Objects using the spell.)

If you are struggling with or don’t want to bother defeating the Ashwinders guarding the Collection Chests inside Bandit Camps, keep in mind that you can sneak by with the Disillusionment charm!

As mentioned previously, Collection Chests can be found all throughout Hogwarts, its surrounding Hamlets, and various Bandit Camps hidden in the Highlands. We will provide you with the exact locations of the Collection Chests, together with a fully comprehensive list of the number of collection chests found in each specific region.

Note that, unlike some of the other Collectibles, the Collection Chests will not appear on your map (probably to encourage some treasure hunting), but they will appear on your minimap once you get close.

  • Hogwarts Castle: 35 Collection Chests
  • Hogsmeade: 5 Collection Chests
  • World: 116 Collection Chests
    • North Ford Bog: 7 Collection Chests
    • Forbidden Forest: 6 Collection Chests
    • Hogsmeade Valley: 8 Collection Chests
    • North Hogwarts Region: 7 Collection Chests
    • South Hogwarts Region: 9 Collection Chests
    • Hogwarts Valley: 15 Collection Chests
    • Feldcroft Region: 22 Collection Chests
    • South Sea Bog: 1 Collection Chest
    • Coastal Cavern: 1 Collection Chest
    • Poidsear Coast: 8 Collection Chests
    • Marunweem Lake: 15 Collection Chests
    • Manor Cape: 7 Collection Chests
    • Cragcroftshire: 5 Collection Chests
    • Clargmar Coast: 5 Collection Chests

In the tabs below we will provide you with the screenshot of each Collection Chest and its Map Location — click on each image to view it in full size.

Now that you know everything there is to know about Collection Chests, armed with each chest’s location, we hope that you have fun collecting them all! Let us know in the comment section below which rewards were your favorite, between all of the Wand Handles, Spellcrafts, and Traits!

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