How to Beat the Troll (Hogsmeade) – Hogwarts Legacy

The first major test of your wizardly fighting skills, the Armoured Troll can be a rough introduction to the Hogwarts Legacy’s combat. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to make the fight easier! In this guide, we’ll help you take down the big fella, without having to resort to sticking your wand up his nose.

To take down the troll, you’ll need to learn its attack patterns, and make good use of your new-found powers. Additionally, you should make sure that you’re using Basic Cast (playstation r2 button) any time you aren’t dodging, repositioning, or using Ancient Magic Throw.

The troll is very predictable, as it only has three attacks.

The troll will slam his club, charging at you first if he isn’t close enough to hit you. You can cast Protego (playstation triangle button/button xbox y v2) to block this, or roll — casting Protego and holding it lets you Stupefy stun counter, and therefore is the better option (enemies take more damage while stunned). You’ll know this attack is coming when you see a golden halo over your head.

troll slam attack pattern gif hogwarts legacy guide

The troll swings his clubs once, twice, or three times horizontally. You’ll see a red halo around your character’s head when this attack is coming, indicating that you can’t Protego this attack. Instead, you’ll need to dodge (playstation circle button/button xbox b v2) every time — after the first dodge ends, immediately dodge again. If you dodge away from the troll, the potential third attack shouldn’t be able to hit you, but you can dodge again just to be safe.

troll swings attack pattern gif hogwarts legacy guide

The troll plants one foot, then the other, and then charges at you. This attack is also not blockable with Protego, indicated by a red halo. Unlike the other two moves, you’ll only see this attack if you’re fairly far away from the troll, so if you have trouble avoiding this attack, stay close. However, the troll is momentarily stunned after charging, so it can be worth baiting to make the fight go faster.

troll charge attack pattern gif hogwarts legacy guide

The biggest difference maker in this fight is the Ancient Magic Throw, which you gain access to after getting rid of about 30% of the troll’s health bar. You’ll start to see playstation r1 button appear on nearby objects — pressing the button will throw an environmental object at your target (the troll, in this case). These attacks will interrupt the troll’s attack, and temporarily stun him.

Because of this, it’s best to wait until the troll is just starting an attack, and then doing an Ancient Magic Throw. Spam Basic Casts (playstation r2 button) while the Troll is stunned, then do another Ancient Magic Throw when it begins to attack you again. You won’t be able to do this the whole fight (you’ll run out of objects to throw) but it will make it much easier.

interrupting the troll gif hogwarts legacy guide

You should now be more than ready to defend the village!

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