The Tale of Rowland Oakes – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

The Tale of Rowland Oakes is an optional quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Adelaide Oakes is worried sick about her uncle. He is a metal trader that will send her an owl every week while he’s out to calm her nerves. However, after the last owl mentioned potentially dealing with Ranrok loyalists, he hasn’t sent her another owl in quite some time. She would like for you to investigate his last known stop, and help him if needed.

To start the quest The Tale of Rowland Oakes, you will need to speak with Adelaide Oakes. To find her, use the Transfiguration Courtyard Floo Flame, and head north to the other side of the courtyard, where she will be waiting. Talking with her (with playstation square button/button xbox x v2) will begin The Tale of Rowland Oakes, and she will ask for your help — she would like for you to check in on her uncle’s last known trade stop, and make sure that he’s not in trouble.

Depending on how you wish to approach the objectives, there could be plenty of fighting throughout this quest, so be sure to stock up on any potions and combat plants if needed.

hogwarts legacy the tale of rowland oakes adelaide

Use the Forbidden Forest Floo Flame (or the East North Hogwarts one if you’ve unlocked it), and fly northwest until you reach the camp. You will notice that the camp’s been overrun by Ranrok Loyalists. You can choose to either clear out the invading Goblins, or use Disillusionment to sneak around them for the next part of the quest.

If you choose to fight them, note that they are level 15, and some will have a yellow barrier, but they shouldn’t give much of an issue unless you are underleveled.

Once you’ve dealt with the Goblins (or if you’re sneaking around them), head for the west side of the camp. You will find Rowland Oake’s Journal on the floor, where he talks about his worries about dealing with Ranrok’s people. Just further west, you will find a map on top of a box. This map shows where Rowland was headed to next, showing a few landmarks on the way.

Neither the World Map nor minimap will help you with finding the next location for this quest, which can make this difficult if you never explored where you need to go or don’t recognize any of the landmarks.

The location that the map is hinting is the Korrow Ruins. If you happened to have unlocked the Floo Flame there already, you can use that to get there quickly. Otherwise, set the Floo Flame as your waypoint, get on your broom and fly southwest — your character will make a note of the landmarks as you start passing through them.

Once you made it to the location, you will now need to find the entrance to the Goblin outpost inside the ruins. Note that there will be Ranrok Loyalists along the way — you can choose to sneak by them with Disillusionment, or take them head on. From the Floo Flame, head north and go through the first doorway you see on your left to enter a building (1). Exit through the other side and turn left, and you will see a ladder to climb up on your left (2).

Once you reach the top, turn right and follow the path until you see a gateway. Go forward from here and through the door to enter the Korrow Ruins.

Once inside, follow the path until you reach a large room with some Goblins — you can choose to fight them or sneak past them. Turn right from this room (1), and continue forward until you reach a more open area with some more Goblins in it. Deal with them however you’d like, then turn right (2).

When you reach the bottom of the stairs, turn left, and continue straight through the path until you reach a group of Loyalists. After you take care of them, the cell holding Rowland will be just ahead. You will not be able to free him just yet, however — he’ll explain that he can open the door, but he needs his wand back first. Now you must find and retrieve Rowand’s wand, then bring it back to him.

Head back to the second room where there where Goblins, and up the stairs you will notice a large boiler door. To open it, run up the stairs to the left of the door (1), and go through the path — turn left when you reach a split (2). At the end you will see a furnace, which you will have to cast Incendio on to activate (3). Once the furnace is running, the boiler door will open and you can go through.

Inside will be a large room full of Ranrok Loyalists. If you choose to fight them, note that Pergit, an Infamous Foe, will be among the group. He is not particularly difficult, however, and can be taken out quickly, just like any other Goblin. The main difficulty for this fight is the sheer amount of enemies, so take advantage of your Ancient Magic when you can, and any spells that will affect multiple enemies (this will depend on how you spent your Talent Points), and eventually the room will be cleared out.

Once you defeated all the enemies (or decided to avoid the fight altogether), go into the room to the right of where you came in, and you will find Rowland’s wand on a table.

Once you have the wand, make your way back to where Rowland was locked up to give it to him. He will free himself from his cell, and begin talking to you, thanking you for freeing him. During the conversation, if you ask him what he overheard, you can learn some important background information about Ranrok and his vendetta against wizardkind.

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After speaking with him, you will have completed The Tale of Rowland Oakes, and have a new necklace to try on! Note that you cannot teleport out of the ruins, and will have to walk out before you go on to your next adventure.

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