Natsai Onai Companion Relationship Quests – Hogwarts Legacy

Out of the three available companions in Hogwarts Legacy, Natsai Onai is the one who truly embodies the ideals of a Gryffindor Student.

In this guide, we will introduce you to Natsai Onai, where you can find her, and the list of quests that you can do to improve your relationship with her!

A brilliant and talented transfer student from the Uagadou School of Magic, Natsai Onai joined Hogwarts Legacy alongside her mother, who took on the Divination Teacher position. During our time with Natsai Onai we will attempt to stop Theophilus Harlow, who is Victor Rookwood’s right-hand man. Along the way, you will learn about magic that is often discouraged at Hogwarts, such as casting spells without a Wand and Self-Transfiguration Magic.

natsai onai hogwarts legacy

Natsai Onai is driven by a great sense of justice, going as far as investigating accusations against Dark Wizards on her own while ignoring both her mother’s and Officer Singer’s advice. Just like with the other companions, her relationship quests will send you on the adventures to uncover a mystery and give you a chance to assist Natsai when she needs to fight her way through it.

Natsai Onai is one of the companions that you will meet very early on, seeing her effortlessly demonstrate her intelligence and magic proficiency. You will meet her in the Charms Class during your First Day At Hogwarts! Shortly after meeting Natsai, she will be helping you practice Accio during class and in the Summoner’s Court Minigame.

Each of the three companions that you will meet in Hogwarts Legacy will either teach you how to use certain spells, tools, or simply share some information about magical lore. Natsai Onai will tell you about different types of magic and exactly how they work.

  • Natsai Onai will teach you about Wandless Magic and how it is just as powerful as magic casts with a Wand (Lore).
  • She will also teach you about Animagus, their magic, and gives you an idea of how a Wizard or Witch can become one of them (Lore).

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