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In Hogwarts Legacy we get a personal corner of the wizarding world we get to customize and outfit with amazing array of tools: the Room of Requirement (unlocked by The Room of Requirement Quest)! You can choose to fill this room with amazing Crafting Stations and decorate it to your own liking.

However, if you get tired of the decorations in the room, place something wrong, or simply wish to restructure your production chain, we will show you how you can replace and move each of the objects placed in the Room of Requirement.

You will have two main options for moving and replacing objects: the Altering Spell to move, or the Evanesco Spell to remove.

Either option will work for moving the objects around, since Evanesco will refund all of the Moonstone you used to place the object. Of course, if you just need to move something an inch to the side, Altering will probably work a bit better for you.

The primary way of moving objects in the Room of Requirement will be the Altering Spell. Professor Weasley will grant you this spell as a part of the tutorial, right after unlocking the Room of Requirement.

Just as shown in the images above, to move the object you will first have to highlight it and then use the Altering Spell. You will then see its previous placement location in a blue ghostly outline along with the interface for its new placement location.

To place it in its new location, simply choose the new location and press the icon mouse left click v2/button xbox righttrigger to place the object. Keep in mind that you can customize the object however you desire, including its size, color, and theme! You do not need to remove the object to have access to these options: in fact, using Evanesco will not let you customize the object’s size.

In addition to the Altering Spell, you can also use the Evanesco spell to destroy an object and recreate it.

Just like shown in the images above, you will first have to highlight the object you want to move, then use the Evanesco spell to delete it. You can then select the Conjuring Spell and replace the object you wanted to move, wherever you would like to see it. Keep in mind that this option will only let you customize the object with its initial color and theme settings, but not its size! Remember to use the Altering Spell to get access to this option.

Now that you know how to move objects in Hogwarts Legacy, we hope that you will put together some amazing designs in your Room of Requirement. Share your decoration process with us in the comments below! (More importantly, are you an Alteration or Evanesco kind of a person?)

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