Game: Hogwarts Legacy

Buy Price: 20galleons hogwarts legacy icon
Commonly used for conjuration magic. It is found in every region and acquired by breaking crystallised stone.

Used for conjuring objects and workbenches with the Conjuration Spell in the Room of Requirements and Vivarium.

Moonstones are a currency that players can use to conjure items with the Conjuration Spell in the Room of Requirement and Vivarium. They appear in the game as a blue crystalline rock formation that is about as tall as the player’s waist. Moonstones are the only currency needed to conjure important items, like the Identification Station and Loom. Consequently, players will want to make sure that they have enough Moonstones to conjure those essential items before conjuring cosmetic items to decorate their spaces.

rug screenshot hogwarts legacy 1
Every witch and wizard worth their weight in Moonstones has a Medium Scientific Rug

Moonstones can be found while exploring the open world of Hogwarts Legacy. When a player sees a Moonstone Ore Node, they can harvest it by using a Basic Cast. Upon breaking the crystals, the player will see how much they harvested on the right side of their screen.

It’s not a very good deal, but you can also purchase 2-3 Moonstones from Wanderer Shops for 20galleons hogwarts legacy icon each, if you are lacking just a couple when conjuring.

8 moonstone ore vein hogwarts legacy
Wait, that’s almost THREE rugs!

When in the Room of Requirement, or the Vivarium, players can bring up the conjuration menu to choose items to conjure. When selecting an item, it shows how much it costs the player in Moonstones to craft.

If the player decides to delete an item (using the Evanesco spell), they will be refunded back full cost of the Moonstones used to craft the item.

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