Hogwarts Legacy Transmog Guide: How to Change Your Gear’s Appearance

Aesthetically minded witches and wizards will be happy to know that Hogwarts Legacy will have a transmog mechanic. With how common transmog systems are in modern AAA games, it would be more surprising if it wasn’t included.

For those that aren’t aware, transmog systems allow players to display different armor then what they are actually wearing for stats bonuses. So you can wear a mashup of different equipment to min-max stats bonuses while reaping the visual benefits of a cohesive outfit.

Gear in Hogwarts Legacy will include 7 different slots: wand, gloves, face, headwear, neckwear, robe + cloak, and an outfit slot. Each piece of gear will have a different rarity level and can be further upgraded in the players Room of Requirement. Inside the room you will be regularly using an identification station to discover the magical traits of your gear and the loom to upgrade the gear.

How to Transmog in Hogwarts Legacy

Unlike some other games, using transmog will not cost any currency or require you to travel anywhere. The entire process happens in the game menu.

First, you’ll want to navigate to your gear menu and select the item you want to change. An option to “Change Appearance” will pop up, allowing you to transmog.

hogwarts legacy menu

Luckily, Avalanche decided to make the transmog system in Hogwarts Legacy simple and free, unlike other games such as Destiny that chose to gatekeep the system. Have questions about the transmog system? Let us know in the comments below!

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