In The Shadow of the Mine – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

According to his owl, Sebastian Sallow has found the vista from the first panel of the triptych. It is to the North of Hogwarts, near Upper Hogsfield. But there is more than just a scenic view here; Ranrok’s Loyalists have taken up residence in an old mine very nearby. Surely that can’t be a coincidence.

  • Quest Type: Main Story
  • Location: The Overlook, North Ford Bog, Highlands (map)
  • Requirements
  • Rewards
    • 260 XP

To start the quest, you’ll need to head to a place Sabastian called “The Overlook” close to Upper Hogsfield. Once you get there, talk to Sebastian Sallow with playstation square button/button xbox x v2. He will tell you that he has already scouted the area out, discovering that goblins have taken over the nearby mine.

hogwarts legacy shadow of the mine 1 1 talk to sebastian

While talking to Sebastian, he will ask whether you want to go in subtlety, or if you want to go in aggressively. While you are headed to the mine, both with be an option, and will not otherwise affect the quest.

After you finish talking to Sebastian, you can follow the path on your minimap towards the mine. Right after you start, there will be some moonstone you can break (1). Shortly after, you will get to the first goblin encampment. You can either go in wands-blazing, or take a stealthier approach. By casting Disillusionment (2), it is not too difficult to take out all the goblins in this camp without being seen (3).

After you clear the first camp, go to the fireplace in the center to loot two bags (1). Then, head to the tent on the far side of the tent, where there are three chests you can grab (2).

As you approach the second goblin encampment, you’ll be given a choice. You can either go left into the goblin camp itself, where you will need to dispatch the adversaries there, or you can go right, up a ledge, and through a tunnel to take a sneaky backway into the mine, avoiding combat. These both lead to the same place ultimately, so the choice is up to you whether or not to engage in combat.

hogwarts legacy shadow of the mine 4 1 hogwarts legacy gives you the choice to complete missions how you want to complete them

If you take the stealthy path to the right, you just need to jump up a few ledges to move into a low-hanging tunnel (1). At the end of the tunnel, you can drop down and follow the objective marker into the mine (2), having bypassed the entire goblin camp.

If you take the other path and engage in combat, you can expect some moderate challenge as you will need to face off against several Loyalist Rangers firing bolts at you while you fend off melee goblins. Since this combat is so range-heavy, you should keep an eye on the Rangers in order to use Ancient Magic Throw to toss their bolts back at them with playstation r1 button. You can also make use of Ancient Magic or your new Transformation spell to great effect. After you defeat all the enemies, make sure to grab the chest on the far side of the camp, then continue to the marker to enter the mine.

Once you enter the mine, there will be two goblins speaking with their backs to you next to a cliff. You can either cast Disillusionment to sneak up on them to take them out, or just use Depulso and other knockback spells to force them off the ledge (1). Next, turn to the right and cast Confringo on the spider webs so that you can jump across the gap to get the loot behind (2). Go back the other way and continue along the left path now, minding the small gap (3) untill you get to a slide down (4) which will put you in a battle.

This battle is relatively simple, with a group of goblins facing you. There are explosive barrels and other items you can use Ancient Magic Throw on, and you can also fall back on Expelliarmus, which is always effective against goblins.

After you’ve dispatched the goblins, look east and go up the short ledge to reach a chest (1). Then, drop down and go to the northeast corner where there is a cluster of webs blocking the path. Use a fire spell, like Incendio or Confringo, to burn the webs to grab the chest on the other side (2)

After grabbing the loot, locate the large box in the room and cast Accio on it (1). Move it to below the ledge in the southwest of the room (2), then climb on it in order to clamber up the ledge and continue on (3).

In the next section, you’ll come to a large cavern. Take the right path here, which leads to a bridge (1). Cross this bridge, breaking the boxes on top of it (2) in order to access a chest. Then, return the way you came and slide down the path you went past to the left (3).

At the bottom, you’ll come across a broken bridge over some water. Swim in the water and aaround the corner to the left in order to grab a chest (1), and then head back and go up the ledge that was to your left when you entered (2). Immediately after climbing up, burn the webs in front of you with a fire spell to access a chest (3). Then, go up to the broken bridge and cast Reparo in order to fix it and get across.

In the next area, you’ll fight a few spiders. These enemies are not too difficult, so long as you remember that they are extremely weak to Incendio and Confringo, and that if you hit them while they aren’t in the air with Incendio, you’ll be able to follow up with a Basic Cast to make them explode. After you’ve cleared them out, don’t forget to grab the Wiggenweld potion by the exit.

In the next room, you’ll come across a split path. To the right, there is a cluster of Devil’s Snare, which will let you past if you cast Lumos. Do so, and go through an illuminate hole to the right (1) to get a chest, then continue to the end of the Devil’s Snare hallway and cast Incendio on the brazier at the end. This will allow you to climb up the wall at the end to grab another chest (2).

When you go back to the main path, keep an eye out to your right to look for some breakable wooden boards, behind which you’ll find another chest.

hogwarts legacy shadow of the mine 16 1 break boards

Keep following the marker forward, and you’ll soon come across a long spider that you’ll need to dispatch. It should be easy enough to take care of. Just burn it with fire.

hogwarts legacy shadow of the mine 16 1 burn spiders

Soon, you’ll have to drop down into another combat arena. This fight will combine goblins and spiders, forcing you to be ready for both of their attacks. This is not too difficult, though, as the enclosed arena makes your fire spells even more effective, you have several fire barrels you can throw at enemies when they group together, and none of these enemies can cast debilitating spells. Just be prepared for the venomous spiders, which can deal damage over time.

Once you’ve taken out the group, you’ll need to get access to the door they seemed to be guarding. Start by walking up to the rune next to the door and casting Incendio or Confringo (1). Next, go to the corner to the left of the room and cast a fire spell to burn away the webs blocking a movable box (making sure to grab the loot and moonstone here as you do) (2). Then, move the box to the just below the ledge to the left of the door (3) and use it to clamber up (4). While here, cast a fire spell on the rune to free it from webs (5) and head back to the center of the room.

From here, you’ll need to shoot all three runes quickly enough that none of them reset. Shoot the one above the door (1), then next to the door (2), then to the far right side of the room, attached to a stalagtite (3). This will open the door and allow you to process through.

Enter the newly-opened door and continue down into the chamber (1). On the desk you’ll come to, there will be a note by Isidora Morganach, which you can read (2). Then, go to the chest behind the table in order to find another piece of the triptych, this time for the right panel (3). Once you’ve grabbed all that, speak to Sebastian in order to tell him what you found and discuss what it could mean (4).

After you’ve spoken to Sebastian, you’ll be able to lead through a mirror which will lead back into the Undercroft.

hogwarts legacy shadow of the mine 22 1 exit chamber

To finish the quest, you’ll need to walk up to the triptych and place the portrait you just found on it (1). This will let Sebastian get a good look at it, though you’ll need to speak to him to learn more (2). He may not be very happy about thing, though.

After you’ve finished your conversation with Sebastian, you will have completed “In the Shadow of the Mine”. Next, if you’ve also completed “It’s All Gobbledegook,” you’ll be ready for the next main quest “The Headmistress Speaks”.

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