Finishing Touches Achievement – Hogwarts Legacy

One of the rarest achievements in Hogwarts Legacy is Finishing Touches, requiring you to use Ancient Magic on every enemy in the game. Fortunately, every enemy doesn’t actually mean every enemy, just the ones that we can find outside of bosses or quests. This leaves 34 enemies that you’ll have to use ancient magic on to earn the achievement. Remember, for it to count towards the achievement it has to be an actual Ancient Magic attack using both bumpers on a controller, not an Ancient Magic Throw.

Note: If you’re stuck on 97% for the achievement, try to use an Ancient Magic attack on a normal Mongrel. They are not marked as enemies in the collection log, but they do count for the achievement.

These dark witches and wizards can be found in bandit camps and battle arenas.

  • Ashwinder Duelist
  • Ashwinder Scout
  • Ashwinder Assassin
  • Ashwinder Ranger
  • Ashwinder Soldier
  • Ashwinder Executioner

Dugbogs can be found in the swampy areas of the highlands and in Dugbog nests.

  • Stoneback Dugbog
  • Great Spined Dugbog
  • Cottongrass Dugbog
hogwarts legacy dugbog

Goblins can commonly be found in mining areas or ruins like Rookwood Castle and the Korrow Ruins.

  • Loyalist Assassin
  • Loyalist Commander
  • Loyalist Sentinel
  • Loyalist Warrior
  • Loyalist Ranger

Inferi are commonly found in treasure vaults, but finding a nest of them would be optimal. Finding a nest allows you to return to refuel your Ancient Magic meter whenever it runs out by building a high spell combo against an Inferius that isn’t burning.

  • Inferius

Normal mongrels can randomly be found in the Forbidden Forest or in poacher camps. Dark mongrels can be found among bandits or in dark mongrel nests.

  • Mongrel
  • Dark Mongrel

Similar to Ashwinders, Poachers can be found in bandit camps and battle arenas.

  • Poacher Duelist
  • Poacher Tracker
  • Poacher Animagus
  • Poacher Ranger
  • Poacher Stalker
  • Poacher Executioner
hogwarts legacy poacher

The best places to hunt spiders include spider nests in the Forbidden Forest and battle arenas.

  • Venomous Scurriour
  • Venomous Ambusher
  • Venomous Shooter
  • Venomous Matriarch
  • Thornback Scurriour
  • Thornback Ambusher
  • Thornback Shooter
  • Thornback Matriarch

Trolls can be found in their dens or among bandits in bandit camps.

  • Forest Troll
  • Mountain Troll
  • River Troll
hogwarts legacy fighter troll

Completing this achievement will put you in a great position to finish every achievement and earn the elusive platinum trophy. Have any questions or tips about earning the achievement? Leave them in the comments below!

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