Class Assignments – Hogwarts Legacy

There are a lot of quests in Hogwarts Legacy, but not all are created equal. Second only to the main story quests of the Golden Path, Class Assignments are a crucial part of your adventure. These quests are an opportunity for you to learn new spells, some of which are required for progressing the main story. In this guide, we’ll explain how Class Assignments work — you’ll also find walkthroughs here for all of the game’s Class Assignments.

These side quests function as ways for your character to learn new spells — plot-wise, they’re part of how your character is supported by the Hogwarts staff in “catching up” to the rest of the fifth-years. Of course, your character shows such a remarkable aptitude for magic, they hardly seem necessary at times.

It’s important to remember that, despite not technically being Main Story quests, the Class Assignments are frequently non-optional. This is because you’ll learn spells that are required for the main story (such as Reparo) via these assignments.

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