Absconder Encounter – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

If the player ever makes the short trek across the lake east from Hogwarts Castle to Aranshire, they will be given a quest. There’s a merchant there who is grieving the loss of a friend. Speaking to Edgar Adley, you will be informed that him and his friend, Milo, were in the Forbidden Forest trying to acquire a rare ingredient, Absconder venom. Milo perished, and Edgar ran away without grabbing Milo’s family heirloom. Guess who’s going to go get it.

Don’t forget to activate the Aranshire Floo Flame before taking off, you’ll need it later. Also, this is a more difficult quest if you’re at a lower level, so we recommend stocking up on Wiggenweld Potions before leaving. Be sure to follow the quest in your start menu, then check the map to see your quickest route to the cave.

The Floo Flame locations in the cave’s vicinity are Upper Hogsfield and East North Ford Bog. From either of these locations, it’s a simple manner of hopping on your broom and zipping to the cave’s entrance. For those who might’ve forgotten, you can use your broom by opening your item wheel menu (holding button xbox leftbumper / playstation l1 button) and hitting button xbox b v2 / playstation circle button.

hogwarts legacy absconder encounter guide spooky cave
It doesn’t take a Ravenclaw to guess what else is in here

The quest marker will lead you to a spooky ravine covered in spider webs. After entering the ravine, your quest marker will be updated, and guide you through a mazelike area. It is worth exploring this area because there are chests tucked away in certain nooks and crannies.

You will have to deal with spiders, but as long as you have a fire spell like Confringo or Incendio, you shouldn’t have any issues. These spells not only do extra damage to spiders, but they also clear away spider webs blocking your path. If you’re being overwhelmed by a group, remember to attack your enemies with spells like Glacius and Levioso to keep them from attacking for a short time.

Eventually, the maze will funnel you into the boss area, where you will take on the Absconder. This is likely the toughest encounter you’ve had so far, so be patient and use these tips to give you an edge:

  1. Start off the fight by using the Disillusionment Charm and sneaking around to the backside of the boss. You will not see the option to hit button xbox x v2 / button play square and cast Petrificus Totalus, but it will still perform the sneak attack.
  2. Focus on the smaller spiders when they appear, otherwise they will gang up on you while you avoid the boss’s big attacks.
  3. Use your Ancient Magic spell whenever you can on the boss, it does a good amount of damage. This is done by pressing button xbox leftbumper and button xbox rightbumper together when your ancient magic gauge is full.
  4. Press button xbox b v2 frequently to evade attacks and enemies. The boss will do an attack where you have to dodge three times rapidly.
  5. Try to rotate around the rock structures in the middle to provide cover from the boss. This will buy you time as you deal with the smaller spiders.
  6. Use Wiggenweld Potions (by pressing button xbox dpad down) to keep your health full throughout the fight. One combination of attacks from the boss can kill you with nearly full life.
hogwarts legacy absconder encounter guide sneak attack
This spider needs to work on their spidey senses

After vanquishing the sizeable spider, you will need to find the item you came for in the first place. This is where our trusty spell Revelio comes in handy; cast it until you see some glowing chests behind a webbed off section in the western part of the boss area. Use a flame spell, like Confringo or Incendio, to burn the webs away, then open the chests. Inside you’ll find the heirloom pocket watch to bring back to Edgar.

hogwarts legacy absconder encounter guide boss chests
Beware the spider egg sacs, the little buggers sting like the dickens

With the heirloom in toll, fast travel back to Aranshire. Edgar will be waiting at his stand, and after receiving the item, he will be thankful and gift you the Checkerboard – Brown Wand Handle. This finishes the quest and allows you to shop at Edgar’s stand.

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