A Basis for Blackmail – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

A Basis for Blackmail is the third Relationship Quest for Natsai Onai. Natty is ready for the next part of her plan to take down Theophilus Harlow, and she needs your help so that she does not get caught by her mom again.

To begin A Basis for Blackmail, you need to talk to Natsai Onai. Use the South Hogsmeade Floo Flame, then leave Hogsmeade through the south side and cross the bridge — she will be on your left shortly after (during daytime).

If you get here at night, you can wait for her at this spot, until daytime. Talking with her (with playstation square button/button xbox x v2) will begin A Basis for Blackmail, where she will ask for your help with her plan — she would like for you to speak to Mr. Bickle’s friends and gather information on Harlow, then meet back up with her to share the evidence.

All three people are at a different spot in Hogsmeade, so run back in and head to the entrance of The Three Broomsticks. You can find and speak to them in any order, but keep in mind that you cannot use Floo Flames for the remainder of this quest.

Enter The Three Broomsticks, then immediately turn left inside to go up the stairs. Go up two floors using the stairs, and you will see Daisy Rabe right in front of you. Talk to her to learn that her husband Isko has been kidnapped by Harlow to scare her into cooperating, and receive the ransom note she was given. After you speak to her you will be free to continue the quest.

From the entrance to The Three Broomsticks, head north and turn right at the split. Continue forward until you see a branch off to the left just before the Gladrags Wizardwear building, and Otto Dibble will be there. Speak to him to learn that Harlow had threatened both his job and relationship in order to make him cooperate. He also mentions a note from his fiance Rosie, which Harlow got his hands on. After speaking with him, you’re free to continue the quest.

From the entrance to The Three Broomsticks, head north and turn left at the split. Continue walking down the road until you go down a small flight of stairs, then turn right and cross the bridge ahead. Once you cross it, he will be on your left. Talk to him to learn that Harlow committed an act of violence towards him, and stole a book of poetry he made for his late wife. After talking to him, you can continue the quest.

After you’ve spoken with everyone, go back to where you started the quest to meet back up with Natty, and you will notice that she is not there. Now you will need to make your way to Hog’s Head in hope that she’s there.

Go back in to Hogsmeade, and take the first left that you’re able to. Continue forward until you go up a set of stairs, then turn left again. From here, go to the left side of the bridge, and you will see Hog’s Head.

Once you reach it, go to the dock and you will see Natty’s Wand — she’s in trouble and you will now need to rescue her. Cast Revelio and you will see footprints leading to where she was taken. Follow the footprints (cast Revelio again if you lose sight of them) and they will lead you to the other side of Hog’s Head, where there is an Ashwinder Hideout. Enter it to go find Natty (and Mr. Rabe).

Once inside, you will need to solve a small puzzle. You will notice a large barrel in the center, with two smaller ones on the sides of it. Cast Accio on the smaller barrels (and make sure to hold the spell until they stop moving forward), and the center barrel will open to reveal the entrance.

hogwarts legacy a basis for blackmail barrels

It will be a linear path from here until you reach a large room. The room will be guarded by Ashwinders, which you can choose to either sneak around using Disillusionment, or take head on. If you decide to fight them, they shouldn’t give you much difficulty. The only thing to watch out for is Gwendolyn Zhou, an Infamous Foe — she is level 30 (compared to the other Ashwinders, who are around level 24), so she can hit hard. However, she can be easily killed with Ancient Magic if you have a cast ready.

hogwarts legacy a basis for blackmail gwendolyn zhou

Once the battle is over (or you decided to sneak by the enemies), you can either complete the two optional objectives, or you can choose to go straight to Natty. If you’re not interested in completing the optional objectives, head north up the stairs and skip to the next section of this guide.

On the southeast side of the room, go up the flight of stairs and climb up a small ledge, then open the chest to find Otto Dibble’s Love Letter (image 1). On the West side of the large room, you will find a small chest on a bar stand that contains Agabus Philbert’s Book of Poems (image 2). Once you have both items, go up the stairs north and enter the door just ahead (image 3).

Once inside, you will find Natty and Mr. Rabe behind cell doors. Speak to Mr. Rabe, and he will tell you that he needs his wand to free both himself and Natty. The wand will be in an invisible chest set on the southern edge of the table located in this room — you’ll need to cast Revelio right in front of it, or the spell won’t show it. Once the chest is revealed, use Alohomora to unlock it, and you will receive the wand.

Give the wand to Isko Rabe, and he will quickly free himself and Natty before Dissipating. Afterwards you will have to walk out of the hideout with Natty. She says “prepare for a fight,” but if you fought the Ashwinders from earlier, there will be no enemies on your way out.

Once you’re out, Officer Singer will be just in front of you. Speak to her to tell her what happened and give her all the evidence you collected.

hogwarts legacy a basis for blackmail singer

After speaking with her, you will have completed A Basis for Blackmail, and will be one step closer to taking Harlow down!

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