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The Enchanted Loom is a useful Crafting Station made available to you in the Room of Requirement that allows you to add Traits and upgrade Stats of your Gear. It will probably quickly become one of your favorite tools in Hogwarts Legacy as it will allow you to experiment and tinker away with every piece of equipment!

(Sadly, we don’t get to actually weave our own equipment pieces on the Loom, only upgrade existing ones)

Once you manage to finish “The Elf, The Nab-Sack, And The Loom” quest, you will be able to place your Enchanted Loom in the Room of Requirement. To do so, select the Conjuring Spell you learned from Professor Weasley (during the The Room of Requirement Quest), and go to the Utility Tab — there you will find the Enchanted Loom.

hogwarts legacy room of requirement
Enchanted Loom Interface

All you have to do now is walk up to it and press the playstation square button/button xbox x v2/F button to open up the interface, depending on whether you play on Console or PC.

Unlike the Potion Station and the Potting Table, the Enchanted Loom has only one available theme.

enchanted loom customization hogwarts legacy
Here you can see an example of how you can customize your Loom

Luckily, just as shown in the image above, you can still customize its color scheme to match the rest of your Room of Requirement!

The Enchanted Loom interface can look a bit complicated at first; however, we will give you some examples below on how to properly use it.

gear upgrade hogwarts legacy
Here we can see the options available when using our Loom
enchanted loom traits hogwarts legacy
An example of how Traits can be applied to Gear

There are two main ways to use the Enchanted Loom: you can either Upgrade your gear to increase your Offensive or Defensive stats, or you can further enhance your equipment by adding Traits to specific gear pieces.

You can use the playstation square button to upgrade your gear with a Secondary Stat, or you can use the playstation triangle button to add a Trait to your equipment. Keep in mind that each gear piece can be upgraded up to three times! However, the gear quality will not change, meaning that you will want to acquire Legendary Gear pieces if you don’t want to waste materials on lower rarity gear. You can’t upgrade Well-Appointed gear pieces!

Gear comes in four different variants:

  • Well-Appointed
  • Superb
  • Extraordinary
  • Legendary

All types of gear can be upgraded up to three times, no matter what their quality is.

However, it does affect the Traits you can add: you can add Tier I Traits to Superb gear, Tier II Traits to Extraordinary gear, and Tier III Traits to Legendary Gear.

We offer even more tips on Upgrades, Traits, and where to find materials for your upgrades in our dedicated How to Upgrade Gear & Add Traits guide!

Now that you know the ins and outs of the Enchanted Loom, we hope that you will put your Wizarding skills to good practice and create some powerful enchantments for your garbs and robes! Let us know which Traits you have found to be the most powerful in the comments below.

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