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In Hogwarts Legacy, you will be using your broom to traverse the world very frequently. While you are in the air, though, you should make sure to keep your eyes peeled to spot Landing Platforms, which you can… well, land on in order to complete Challenges and get Collectibles! In this guide, we will explain exactly what the Landing Platforms are, exactly where they are located, and how you can complete the Landing Platform Challenge.

Landing Platforms serve as safe landing zones for young Wizards and Witches that wish to train for upcoming Quidditch tournaments or private races while they are away from their school activities. While most challenges in Hogwarts Legacy are tied to quests (or are at least specified in quests), the Landing Platforms seem to be one of the Collectibles which you will have to discover on your own — they are never mentioned and can be quite easy to miss.

However, this means that there is no prerequisite condition for beginning this Collectible!

The Landing Platforms Challenge is part of the Exploration category of challenges. Completing milestones in the challenge by landing on more platforms will unlock pieces of the Quidditch Captain Attire Appearance items, as follows:

The Landing Platforms are scattered across the game world, numbering 20 in total. The Landing Platforms do not show on the map itself, nor are they revealed by Revelio, so you will need to keep your eyes open to find them. Thankfully, they are often located near Balloon Sets, so you’ll already be flying near them to collect those.

The easiest way to find Landing Platforms, though, is by using our Interactive Map Tool — we will also offer you some Region Map images below.

  • North Ford Bog: 2 Landing Platforms
  • Forbidden Forest: 0 Landing Platforms
  • Hogsmeade Valley: 2 Landing Platforms
  • North Hogwarts Region: 2 Landing Platforms
  • South Hogwarts Region: 1 Landing Platform
  • Hogwarts Valley: 3 Landing Platforms
  • Feldcroft Region: 4 Landing Platforms
  • South Sea Bog: 0 Landing Platforms
  • Coastal Cavern: 0 Landing Platforms
  • Poidsear Coast: 1 Landing Platform
  • Marunweem Lake: 2 Landing Platforms
  • Manor Cape: 2 Landing Platforms
  • Cragcroftshire: 1 Landing Platform
  • Clagmar Coast: 1 Landing Platform

Click on each image to view it in full size!

The Landing Platforms Challenge is extremely easy to complete. All you need to do is mount your Broom, fly above the Landing Platform, then simply dismount your Broom to step onto it.

If you’ve done it correctly, the platform’s gears will shift some and you will receive some XP, indicating completion. Quite an easy challenge for a fashionable outfit reward, isn’t it? The hardest part is finding them.

Now that you know all there is to know about Landing Platforms, it’s time for you to set off and fly to the nearest one! Let us know in the comment section below if any of the Landing Platforms prove difficult to find.

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