Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

In this walkthrough of the Class “Assignment Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1”, we’ll help you do as your professor requests and earn the Incendio spell.

  • Quest Type: Mandatory Class Assignment
  • Location: DADA Classroom, Astronomy Wing, Hogwarts Castle (map)
  • Requirements
  • Rewards

Professor Hecat is conveniently located in her classroom, so open up your map and use the Floo Flame in the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom to quickly reach Professor Hecat (or, take a leisurely stroll through Hogwarts, tappingbutton xbox dpad up to let the golden thread guide you). Walk up to Professor Hecat and press playstation square button/button xbox x v2 to begin the quest.

To complete this part of Professor Hecat’s assignment, you’ll need to first have joined the Crossed Wands duelling club. Fortunately, you can do that now if you haven’t already, and you need to go see Lucan anyway. Find Lucan in the Clock Tower, and speak with him by walking up and pressing playstation square button/button xbox x v2. Tell him you’re ready, and that will begin the first round.

After winning your first duel, you’ll need to go and speak with Lucan again. He’ll have two dialog options, allowing you to either start the second round of Crossed Wands, or use the Training Dummy. As noted below, it’s best to do the combo practice before your second duel.

We’ve got walkthroughs for all three rounds of the Crossed Wands fights, which include some tips and tricks to make the duels easier:

You only have to complete the first two rounds for Professor Hecat’s Assignment. It’s best to do the first round, then do the Spell Combination Practice, then do the second (and optional third) round, so you can use what you practiced.

We’ve got a separate walkthrough for this part of Professor Hecat’s Assignment:

Once you’ve completed both requried rounds of Crossed Wands, and successfully practiced combos on the training dummy, it’s time to return to Professor Hecat. Again, you can use the Floo Flame for the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom to reach her quickly. Speak with her, and she’ll teach you Incendio. The minigame for learning spells should be old hat by now, but this one’s a bit tricky thanks to the sharp turns.

After successfully learning the new spell, you’ll find it didn’t automatically appear in your Spell Diamond. This is because you’re out of slots! Press button xbox dpad rightto open the Spell Selection menu. There, put your cursor on Incendio, hold playstation r2 button, and then press the face button you’d like to assign the spell to. Note that this is part of the quest, so go ahead and do it even if you don’t want to cast Incendio just yet.

With that done, you can return to Professor Fig’s classroom to continue with the main story!

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