Summoner’s Court: Match 3 – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

You are moving up the ranks in Summoner’s Court, having bested your last two opponents. Now, it is time to face off against Grace Pinch-Smedley in what is sure to be a ramping up of stakes.

To start the quest, you need to speak with Grace Pinch-Smedley. To reach her, go to the Bell Tower Courtyard Floo Flame and go outside. Immediately turn left, and she will be standing on the Summoner’s Court platform. Talking to her (with playstation square button/button xbox x v2) will begin Summoner’s Court: Match 3, where she will challenge you to a match.

hogwarts legacy summoners court 3 1 1 speak to grace

The process will be similar to Summoner’s Court: Match 1 and Match 2. However, this time, instead of pillars or vortexes, there will be ramps placed along the Summoner’s Court, which the balls can roll up. At the top of these ramps is a flat surface, and if your ball stops there, you will get 100 points! Doing so is tricky, but very worth it.

This match can be a cinch or a challenge, depending highly on how Grace performs. Because she is not particularly good at this game, her ball will very often end up rolling back to the 10 or 20 point range, giving you plenty of opportunity to get ahead. But if she does manage to get a ball in the 100 point range, it means you’ll need to as well, or else knock her ball out of it.

As for your own strategy, the best thing is to cast Accio on the balls and then release it just a moment before hitting the ramp itself, letting the momentum carry your ball to the top. If Grace happens to get a ball on the 100-point range as well, this is actually good news: you can use her ball as a backboard to get your own ball up, knocking hers off in the process.

Once you’ve scored more points than Grace after three rounds, you will complete Summoner’s Court: Round 3. But, even if you lose to Grace, you’ll be able to try again.

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