A Thief in the Night – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

In Irondale, Padraic Haggarty’s dark wizard sister seems to have stolen a valuable family heirloom from him, as well as a hefty supply of coins. But she made off in such a hurry so as to leave a trail of coins in her wake. You have to follow them in order to unmask the culprit of this thievery.

To start A Thief in the Night, you’ll need to talk to the vendor in Irondale, Padraic Haggarty (playstation square button/button xbox x v2). He will tell you all about how his sister ran away to join Rookwood’s gang of dark wizards, and how she come back in the night to steal from him. He is absolutely convinced that she stole it, but perhaps you should be a bit skeptical.

hogwarts legacy a thief in the night 1 1 speak to padraic haggarty

Regardless, he will ask you to follow the trail of coins in order to locate the thief and bring back his stolen family heirloom.

In order to follow the trail of coins, which begins right next to Padraic’s house and continues West toward the coast, you should cast Revelio (button xbox dpad left) (1). You can do so whenever you are unsure where to go next, because the coins glow blue, allowing you to quickly relocate the trail once lost.

The coin trail will take you alongside several points of interest, which you can collect as you pass by. In order of encounter, you will find the follow:

  1. A Merlin Trial right outside of Irondale
  2. Ashwinder Eggs along the side of the path
  3. A Goblin Camp that the trail intersects
  4. A Merlin Trial next to the path, also next to a cliff
  5. A cave with valuable loot, to the right of the Merlin Trial
  6. A Cave/Ruin with more valuable loot
  7. Another Merlin Trial after descending in elevation
  8. A large Goblin Camp alongside the trail

After you’ve passed by those, collecting all the coin piles along the way, you’ll finally come to your destination: a Niffler Den!

It turns out that the thief was actually a Niffler named The Irondale Pilferer. Now, you’ll just need to catch the little kleptomaniac using your Nab-Sack. In order to do so, you should first cast Accio on the Niffler, bringing him in close, and then use your Nab-Sack until you capture the Irondale Pilferer.

After you capture the Niffler, you can head to the Niffler Den you found him in, and go to the area above the den, looking down on it. There, you will find Padraic Haggarty’s family heirloom (3).

After nabbing the Niffler, you can head back to Padraic Haggarty. He will thank you, especially if you return his family heirloom, and express his mild surprise at the true culprit of the crime.

hogwarts legacy a thief in the night 4 1 speak to padraic

After you finish talking with Padraic, you’ll have complete A Thief in the Night. And you will have received the single best cosmetic item in the game: the Niffler Mask.

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