The Lost Child – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

The Lost Child is the first Relationship Quest for Natsai Onai. Natty has learned of a wizard that is being harassed by Theophilus Harlow, and thinks that he will be able to provide the evidence against Harlow that they need. She would like for you to accompany her to talk to the wizard.

To begin The Lost Child, you will need to speak to Natsai Onai. Simply go to the Lower Hogfield Floo Flame, and she will be right next to it — if you get here at night, you can wait for her until daytime at this spot. Talking with her (with playstation square button/button xbox x v2) will begin The Lost Child, where she wants you to join her; she discovered a wizard that might be able to help take down Harlow, and would like for you to accompany her as she speaks with him.

Walk a short distance forward and you will see Johanna Bickle, the wizard’s wife. Speak to her to discover that her husband was killed, and that her child has gone missing. The quest is no longer about getting information, but about finding and saving her son, Archie Bickle.

Archie’s Hideout will be a little bit south of Lower Hogfield. It’s worth noting that the game will not allow you to use your broom or mount during this quest, so you will have to run to every location with Natty. Simply follow the path with Natty, ignoring two branch-offs to the left, until you come upon a branch-off to the right, where you will find the hideout. Unfortunately, Archie is not here, but it looks like someone was, recently.

Just a little bit south from the Hideout entrance, cast Revelio to reveal a set of footprints going along the path. From here, simply follow the footprints and Natsai for a while — if you lose sight of the footprints, cast Revelio again. Eventually, you will run into a small group of Dark Mongrels that you will have to fight. They shouldn’t give you any trouble, especially with Natty fighting with you.

After the wolves are taken care of, continue following the footsteps (cast Revelio again to find them), and you will quickly locate Archie’s satchel. Investigate it for some dialogue, then continue following the trail of footsteps. Once you reach a Floo Flame, cast Revelio again, and you will notice there are now multiple sets of footprints, but they are all going in the same direction, so keep going forward and follow them.

When you come across some Thestrals, Natty will stop moving for a while to speak a bit about her past. Do not continue following the footprints while this is happening — straying too far from her will cause you to fail the mission. Let her finish her story, then when she starts moving again, you can continue.

Not long after, you will finally reach a camp, which is guarded by Ashwinders. One or two of them will have yellow barriers, so have your yellow spells ready. Otherwise, with Natty’s help, it should be fairly easy to take this group out. Once they’re taken care of, head to the large tent on the southwest corner of the camp and go inside — you will enter the Ashwinder Tent.

Once inside, take the right path and hop down a ledge — quickly take down the two Ashwinders in the area. Go into the area east from the ledge after, then turn left to enter an open area, where you will get into another battle.

This will be much like the battle outside the tent, with one major difference; Catrin Haggarty, an infamous foe, will be here as well. She is level 24, which is higher than the other Ashwinders, but she is otherwise not any different from them. Defeat her, and then the rest of the group should go down quickly.

hogwarts legacy the lost child catrin

Once the battle is over, go to the northwest side of the room and down a flight of stairs, and you will find Archie in a cage. Use Alohomora on the lock to open up the cage and free him. Once he’s freed, speak to him. After the conversation, you will automatically be taken back to Lower Hogfield.

Once you’re back, Johanna Bickle will be just ahead. Talk to her to return her son safely.

hogwarts legacy the lost child johanna 2

After speaking with her, you will have completed The Lost Child, and become a little closer to Natsai!

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