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In Hogwarts Legacy, all of our equipment will be categorized based on its specific Gear Slot type. Just like in any proper RPG, Gear and its appearance will be a major part of your journey — whether it’s collecting appearances or comparing item stats to each other in order to create a powerful build, each gear slot will play a pivotal role!

You will probably be familiar with the general idea if you played some RPGs: a Gear Slot dictates the kind of item that can be equipped in it. For example, you will wear a Hat or a Headband as Headwear, while your Spectacles or Masks will be worn as Facewear.

Depending on the item that the Slot holds, some Gear Slots will be more powerful than others!

There are 6 types of Gear Slots in Hogwarts Legacy and 3 types of Accessory Slots.

gear slots hogwarts legacy
Pay attention to Gear you find: equip better Gear right away, sell the old items!

There is only space for one gear item in each type of slot – you can’t equip two different gloves, for example.

In Hogwarts Legacy, each Slot has a unique initial Stat it can offer, and a secondary stat that can be added later on with the Enchanted Loom. (If you want to know more about the Loom and upgrading your Gear, check our Enchanted Loom & How to Upgrade Gear guides dedicated to these topics.)

For example, items in the Handwear slot (gloves, e.g.) will always get you Offence as an initial stat. You can only have Defence on your gloves if you Upgrade them at the Enchanted Loom.

A big part of the game itself will be made up of hunting for the best possible equipment sets. Since Hogwarts Legacy will grant you a whopping 75 Traits and a large variety of items with different Stats to play and experiment with, the Compare function of the game will be quite useful, since the game automatically tells you which item is better than the other.

Keep in mind, however, that the automatic system will not compare Traits, only the general Defence and Offence Stats!

compare function - Hogwarts Legacy
Compare function is useful, but sometimes you will have to make decisions based on the item Traits

To compare two items, simply equip the item you desire and then press playstation square button/button xbox a v2/ F on the item you wish to compare it to. You will see either a Red Arrow pointing downward on the item card and your stats in the top-right corner if the item is a downgrade, just like in the image shown above, or a Green Arrow pointing upward if it’s an upgrade.

Now that you know all about Gear Slots in Hogwarts Legacy we hope you will put together some impressive builds for your character. Let us know which Gear Slots you found to be the most powerful in the comment section below!

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