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As a modern open-world RPG, Hogwarts Legacy is naturally replete with collectibles. Unlike many other games, however, the Collections of Hogwarts Legacy all serve a function. Rather than simply collecting things to read a bit of flavor text, the beasts, tools, and enemies that you’ll be “collecting” will actually be useful! That is, except when they’re basically notches on your wand marking enemies you’ve defeated. Below, you’ll find all the Collections categories — once the game is released, you’ll be able to click on a category to see details and a list of its collectibles.

Total Collectibles – 79

Every piece of gear you find has an appearance by default, but each time you find a piece of gear with a new appearance, that appearance gets added to your collection. You’re free to change your gear’s appearance, making it look like any other gear you’ve already collected.

Total Collectibles – 13

By rescuing beasts, either at beast dens icon hogwarts legacyBeast Dens or via Beast Quests, you’ll be able to care for them in the Vivarium. Naturally, they’re also tracked as collectibles!

Total Collectibles – 13

There isn’t any Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy, but you can still fly around pretending you’re the Gryffindor seeker practicing — Brooms are also useful for getting places faster than your feet can manage.

Total Collectibles – 140

In the Room of Requirement, you’ll need to use Conjuration recipes to create new objects and work stations. These recipes can be purchased at the Conjuration Shop and other vendors, and presumably found other places as well.

Total Collectibles – 67

There’s quite a bit of combat in Hogwarts Legacy, which means lots of enemies to fight. There are a number of different factions, and each faction has subtypes of enemies. Each subtype counts as a different enemy for your collection — Ashwinder Scouts are separate from Poacher Scouts, for example.

Total Collectibles – 16

Making Potions or upgrading your gear requires Ingredients — each one you discover for the first time (or perhaps use) should count towards this collection category.

Total Collectibles – 150

To help your character catch up to the other 5th-years, the Ministry of Magic has loaned you the Field Guide. This magical tome finds opportunities for learning, offering you tasks and puzzles to help you improve your magical abilities. These pages can often be found flying around the school, but some must be revealed by casting the Revelio spell.

Total Collectibles – 9

Potions and Plants both fall under the Tools category. It’s still not clear whether you’ll need to simply find the recipe, or if you’ll have to actually make each tool before it gets added to your collection.

Total Collectibles – 75

Gear can be upgraded with Traits at the Loom. Traits make the gear better in specific ways, like making you take less damage from Trolls or Goblins. As with Tools, we don’t yet know if you need to actually apply traits to add them to your collection.

Total Collectibles – 42

They say it’s the wand that chooses the wizard, but in Hogwarts Legacy you can customize your wand pretty thoroughly. One of the ways in which you can build your wand is via Wand Handles, which (we believe will) alter the style of your wand.

We hope this guide on the Collections of Hogwarts Legacy was helpful! Questions and suggestions welcome in the comments below.

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