Astronomy Class – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

This walkthrough of the Main Story quest “Astronomy Class” will guide you through your first star-gazing lesson. In addition to your regularly-scheduled class, this quest involves a jaunt outside the castle walls with would-be astronomer Amit Thakkar. At its conclusion, you’ll learn about Astronomy Tables.

The Astronomy Classroom is located just where you’d expect, in the Astronomy Wing, at the top of the Astronomy Tower. Unless you’ve already been up into the tower, the closest Floo Flame you have is probably Charms Class. Make your way to the staircase that leads up the tower, then continue to the top (tapbutton xbox dpad upto be guided if you can’t find your way). On the way, you’ll pass a statue you can cast Levioso on to get a Field Guide Page.

This class is held at night (for stargazing purposes), so if it isn’t night, once you reach the entrance to the classroom, you’ll have to wait in the golden circle. Once it’s night, stand in the circle and press playstation square button/button xbox x v2 to begin the class.

start the class astronomy class hogwarts legacy quest walkthrough

An extended cutscene will play, and then you’ll find yourself looking through a telescope. Pressing up and down on the right stick will focus the telescope — press up to sharpen the image until it comes fully into focus. This will begin another cutscene, and then you’ll speak with Amit Thakkar, who offers to lend you his telescope.

When the conversation ends, go to the east side of the tower, then down the spiral staircase (1). Amit’s Telescope is sitting on the small round table in the center of the room at the bottom of the stairs (2). Pick it up with playstation square button/button xbox x v2.

Next, go back up the stairs you just came down. Head south up the stone steps, then continue forwards and down the wooden spiral staircase. At the bottom of the stairs, go southeast and speak with Amit, starting a cutscene.

speaking with amit astronomy class hogwarts legacy quest walkthrough

After the cutscene ends, you’ll be outside the castle. Follow Amit as he leads you to a nearby ruin. Once you go up the destroyed rampart, brave Amit will suggest that you lead the way. Once he does, go east and through the door (1), then destroy the two boxes blocking the doorway with Basic Casts (2). Go through the door, then continue across the rampart and through the next door. In this room, cast Revelio to more easily see the chest on the nearby table. Then cast Incendio on the spiderweb, allowing you to continue forward through a door leading back outside.

Straight ahead is the Astronomy Table. Approach it, then stand on the side with the telescope slot — unless you’re standing right in front of the slot, you can’t use the table. Once you see the “Use” prompt, press playstation square button/button xbox x v2 to place Amit’s telescope on the table. You’ll then need to line up the constellation on the lens with the constellation in the sky.

where to stand at table astronomy class hogwarts legacy quest walkthrough
X marks the spot (that you need to stand)

To do this, zoom in and out with playstation r2 button/playstation l2 button, move the telescope with the left stick, and use the right stick to rotate. Line up the constellation outline with the actual constellation (1) — it can be a bit tricky, and you will need to zoom in and out and rotate in addition to moving the lens with the left stick. You’ll know you’ve done it right when the constellation flashes and displays its name and symbol (2).

With that done, you’ll speak a final time with Amit, who generously gives you his telescope. When the conversation ends, the quest is complete!

To unlock the main story quest “Back on the Path”, you have to complete the following quests first:

  • Astronomy Class
  • The High Keep

So, if you’ve already done both, you can continue to Back on the Path, otherwise, it’s time for The High Keep!

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