Hogwarts Legacy Beginner Tips

Joining a world as extensive as Hogwarts Legacy can be overwhelming when you first start playing. There are so many spells to cast, quests to start, and puzzles to solve! Below, we’ll go over some tips and tricks for Hogwarts Legacy to help you make some sense of the chaotic world.

Shopping runs in Hogsmeade get expensive fast. The best way to fund these is going to be selling the gear you find in chests during quests and dungeons. You are limited on the amount of inventory space available to you, so regularly travelling to Hogsmeade to dump off gear is a must.

Luckily, every merchant will buy your excess gear and getting to Hogsmeade is fast through the Floo Flame network.

hogwarts legacy shopping

Players don’t have to choose form over function or vice versa in Hogwarts Legacy. You can transmog your gear into something more aesthetically pleasing by hovering over it in the gear menu and pressing playstation square button / button xbox x v2.

Whether searching for collectibles or an item in a quest, Revelio is going to be invaluable for you in Hogwarts Legacy. Occasionally casting it while your exploring the castle is going to result in plenty of field guy pages, and it can help you find some extra loot during quests. If the spell finds something, it’ll alert you with an audible ding.

By the way, Revelio searches in every direction. So if you hear a ding but can’t find anything, try looking up and down.

In the midst of all the action gameplay, don’t forget about the roleplaying aspect. After class you can have extra conversation options with teachers that can give some invaluable insight into the 19th century Wizarding World. Along with the teachers, you can talk to many of your fellow students, both in your common room and around the castle.

hogwarts legacy conversation picture

Potions can provide powerful bonuses to you in combat and, most importantly, heal you in a pinch. Missing a Protego cast doesn’t have to result in failing a quest when you have Wiggenweld Potions available to provide a timely heal.

Plants can be an invaluable tool during Hogwarts Legacy, and not just for brewing potions. Different plants like the Chomping Chinese Cabbage and Mandrakes can have as much of an effect on battle as spells.

hogwarts legacy mandrake
Can you hear this picture?

Speaking of spells, you’ll find that you will be constantly needing some spell on hand while your exploring the castle. Besides casting Revelo to find collectibles, for some you’ll have to use spells to get field guide pages for finding them. Feel free to experiment and cast different spells on the collectives you find but can’t seem to figure out how to claim.

Hopefully you’ll find these tips invaluable as you explore the Wizarding World. Have any suggestions for other tips? Leave them in the comments below!

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