Butterfly Chests Collectibles – Hogwarts Legacy

One of Hogwarts’s many hidden mysteries are Butterflies you will find throughout the world, which seem determined to lead travelers toward their flowery treasures. This guide will help you learn what Butterfly Collectibles are, where the Butterflies are in the world, and how to follow them to obtain their treasure chests.

Unlike other collectibles, Butterflies in Hogwarts Legacy will not be tied to any specific Challenges that will then offer Appearance items or gameplay enhancements. Instead, the Butterflies serve as a guide towards Hidden Chests that contain Appearance items.

To start finding Butterflies (and their treasures), you will first need to complete the Follow the Butterflies side quest in Hogsmeade, which become available in the Fall. Completing this quest will see you following the first set of Butterflies into the Forbidden Forest, introducing you to the mechanics. The method is as follows:

  1. Locate the Butterflies on your map and head to their symbol in the world.
  2. Once you are near the Butterflies, they will begin to slowly move. Follow them.
  3. They will eventually come to a flower patch. Wait for a moment, and the butterflies will summon a Collection Chest.

Upon completing any Butterfly collectible, including the one for the Follow the Butterflies quest, you will get a Collection Chest.

You will be able to find Butterflies spread across the entirety of the map. Do note that the in-game Map doesn’t display how many Butterflies are in each region as a part of that region’s collectibles (even though Butterfly symbols do appear, making them fairly easy to locate). In order to find them all, then, we recommend using our Interactive Map Tool.

  • North Ford Bog: 1 Butterfly
  • Forbidden Forest:  1 Butterfly
  • Hogsmeade Valley: 1 Butterfly
  • North Hogwarts Region: 2 Butterflies
  • South Hogwarts Region: 2 Butterflies
  • Hogwarts Valley: 3 Butterflies
  • Feldcroft Region: 2 Butterflies
  • South Sea Bog: 0 Butterflies
  • Poidsear Coast: 2 Butterflies
  • Marunweem Lake: 0 Butterflies
  • Manor Cape: 0 Butterflies
  • Cragcroftshire: 0 Butterflies
  • Clagmar Coast: 1 Butterfly

Click on each image to view it in full size!

Now that you know all there is to know about Butterflies in Hogwarts Legacy and the hidden treasures they can guide you to, it’s time to get hunting! Let us know in the comment section if you need any help finding or following the Butterflies.

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