Potion Station Guide – Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy we get a chance to set up our very own private potion-brewing facility in the Room of Requirement! The Potion Station will be an accessible and convenient tool for brewing potions to fortify health and powers during your adventures.

Accessing your Potion Station will be quite easy! Once you manage to get to the Room of Requirement, all you have to do is learn the Conjuring Spell from Professor Weasley (during The Room of Requirement Quest). Once she teaches you Conjuration, you will be able to place your Potion Station in whichever part of the room you desire.

conjuration potion station hogwarts legacy
You will be able to choose exactly what type of Potion Station you want, provided you have the blueprint

To do so, you will have to select your Conjuring Spell from your Spell Slots, go to the Potions tab, and select your desired Potion Station just like in the image shown above. A special UI interface will open up which allows you to place the Potion Station in whichever part of the Room of Requirement you want, and letting you fully customize its theme.

After selecting your desired Potion Station, you can further customize it to create a specific theme for your Room of Requirement — this option will come up right after you select a spot for the Station.

potion station customization style hogwarts legacy
You can choose the specific style of your Potion Station
potion station color customization hogwarts legacy
You can also change its color!

You will be able to pick between different themes, and you will also be able to change the color of the Potion Station itself.

So far, we have seen the following themes:

  • Scientific Potion Station
  • Botanical Potion Station
  • Eclectic Potion Station
  • Gothic Potion Station

All you have to do to use your Potion Station is to approach it and press eitherbutton xbox x/F, depending on whether you are on Console or PC. To create a potion you just need to gather specific plants for its recipe and start brewing!

Keep in mind that, in true wizarding fashion, brewing a potion is not instant — it actually takes a bit time. Though, depending on what type of Potion Station you have, you will be able to brew multiple potions at once.

In addition to the first Potion Station blueprint (called Spellcrafts in the game) that you will be granted during your first visit to Hogsmeade, you can visit Tomes and Scrolls again to acquire better Potion Stations, which allow you to brew more potions.

Potion Stations come in different variants, ranging from Small Potion Stations, Medium Potion Stations, and up to T-Shapped Potion Stations.

spellcraft store recipes hogwarts legacy
You can find recipes for the Potion Station in Hogsmeade

  • Small Potion Station Spellcraft
  • Medium Potion Station Spellcraft
  • T-Shaped Potion Station Spellcraft

Once we manage to set up our Potion Station in the Room of Requirement, we will want to stockpile as many potions as possible. However, depending on your playthrough, you may yet have to re-visit Hogsmeade to acquire your recipes.

We discuss this, as well as how you can equip your potions in our dedicated Potions Guide!

Now that you have learned about the Potion Station, remember to make use of it as much as possible! Potions can make a big difference in combat, especially if you stumble upon an unexpectedly tough opponent. Do you have a favorite potion, or found something to be particularly effective? Let us know in the comments below!

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Stacey Brown
Stacey Brown
1 year ago

What is the difference between the medium station and the t shape station?

Reply to  Stacey Brown
1 year ago

The T-Shaped Station has 3 burners, whereas the Medium Station only has 2

1 year ago

How do you MOVE stuff. I hate where my stations are!!!!!!!

Lucky Boop
Lucky Boop(@lucky-boop)
Reply to  Turtle
1 year ago

If you complete the “Interior Decorating” side quest you’ll unlock the alteration spell, which you can use to move things. Alternatively you can destroy them and just place the same station somewhere else.

Reply to  Turtle
1 year ago

I found the extra room that appears in the ROR is the best place to have a nice setup of all your tables since it’s nice and long and has two wings, one for potions and one for herbology tables

Reply to  Turtle
1 year ago

this is what im trying to figure out as well.

Reply to  BeeChappy
1 year ago

We’re working on a full guide for moving objects, but in the meantime, check out our page on the Altering Spell! Learning that spell will let you alter and move objects in the RoR.