hogwarts legacy mallowsweet leaves

Mallowsweet Leaves

Game: Hogwarts Legacy

Category: Ingredients
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Magical leaves used to open Merlin Trials. Mallowsweet seeds can be purchased from The Magic Neep. Can be grown in pots of any size.

Where to Find Mallowsweet Leaves

You will need Mallowsweet Leaves to access the Merlin Trials (completing these will increase your Gear Inventory Space). You can buy both Mallowsweet Seeds and the Mallowsweet Leaves from The Magic Neep Shop in Hogsmeade.

The Seeds (200ui t galleons) will be more expensive than the Leaves (100ui t galleons), but you can gather 5 Mallowsweet Leaves from the plant every 10 minutes, if you grow it in your Potting Table. Note that you will need the Large Potting Table to be able to do this.

You will also harvest a few Mallowsweet Leaves during the Herbology Class Quest early on, but sadly those do not respawn, so there is no point in returning to the Herbology Class for them unless you’ve missed any of the plants on purpose.

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