Invisibility Potion

Game: Hogwarts Legacy

Category: Potion
Buy Price:
500galleons hogwarts legacy icon

The drinker turns invisible, causing enemies to immediately lose sight of them – the drinker is then imperceptible for a period of time

Invisibility Potions turn their user instantly invisible, allowing them to escape or to move past a potentially dangerous enemy without being noticed. The potion has a duration of 4 seconds. Invisibility Potions can be either bought from J.Pippin’s Potions Shop in Hogsmeade and other Hamlet Vendors, or brewed at your Potion Station once you unlock the Room of Requirement.

You can buy Invisibility Potions from various shopkeepers that specialize in potions and potion ingredients, such as the J.Pippin’s Potions Shop in Hogsmeade and Bella Navarro’s Hamlet Shop in Cragcroft.

Each Invisibility Potion costs 500ui t galleonswhen bought from any vendor.

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