Hogwarts Legacy Casts Accio, Summons Forth Objects

In a tweet today, the Hogwarts Legacy teams revealed yet another spell that will be part of the upcoming game: Accio! Book-readers and movie-watchers will remember that this spell was used to summon objects from far away, essentially bringing a distant object into one’s possession (think: force pull but with wands). The 8-second video in the tweet, showing the Accio spell be used in various different ways, was accompanied by the caption “What will you summon?”, keeping with the theme of player choice that so much of the game’s marketing has leaned into.

This version of the “summoning charm” appears to function the same way, being a method to bring distant objects to the player, but there is a lot more to it here. While the first clip in the video shows a wizard casting Accio on a floating book in the library to summon it to him (a typical example of the spell), the other two clips are more fascinating.

The second clip shows a witch casting Accio at the top of a conveyor of sorts, which appears to move the platform they are standing on towards the top, seemingly being used as a method of transportation. This opens up all sorts of options for puzzle-solving and platforming, which is interesting for a game which has, until now, not shown much of either.

The last clip, meanwhile, shows Accio’s combat applications, showing a wizard use the spell to grab a “Poacher Stalker” enemy and bring him, screaming, toward the player. The spells ability to close distance means that it will probably be essential for users of spells that are more effective at close range.

Hogwarts Legacy witch casts Accio on stairs

This tweet comes only a few days after another tweet like it showing off Incendio, a fire-causing spell, and after many other similar reveals of potions, characters, and gameplay mechanics. It leaves us wondering what is next to be revealed by the team, which seems committed to giving us as many bite-sized snippets of gameplay as possible before the games release on February 10th.

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