Hogwarts Legacy Casts Incendio (On Twitter)

In a tweet today, the Hogwarts Legacy Twitter account showed off one of the spells that will be in the upcoming game: Incendio! For those who don’t remember (or couldn’t guess from the spell’s name), Incendio is the spell in the Wizarding World which sets things on fire, and that is just what we see in the eight-second video attached to the tweet, who caption reads “Set things ablaze with Incendio. #HogwartsLegacy”

The video starts with the text “Incendio,” below it appearing the phrase “How Will You Cast?” Before we even see the spell, this does raise a couple of small questions due to the use of the word “How” there. Is that simply a funny way of asking what spells the player will use, or does it imply that one might be able to cast spells in different ways? Perhaps not every spell is done by “swish-and-flicking”…

But the meat of the video features some gameplay footage of the spell in action. First, we see the spell being used on a brazier to light it, illuminating a dimly lit room or hallway. Then, we see it being cast on a levitating enemy called a “Poacher Ranger,” launching him back. Finally, we see the spell being used to burn away a spiderweb in a cave (Yes, I did have Skyrim flashbacks). In each, we see not only the utility of the spell, but also its frankly fantastic-looking lighting and flame effects.

hogwarts legacy incendio spell use

The clip is not the first time we’ve seen the spell in gameplay footage, though it is the fieriest. We also saw the spell in the recent gameplay showcase, where its flame effects and lighting were notably less intense. It’s good to see that, even in a game that looks so good already, the developers at Portkey Games aren’t afraid to make it look even better. It’s also just good to see a bunch of things set ablaze via magic wand, so maybe I’m biased.

We will all get a chance to use this fire-spreading spell when the game releases in just over a month, on February 10. Until then, we will have to sate ourselves with this eight-second clip.

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