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Game: Hogwarts Legacy

Type: Unforgivable Curse
Range: 3000
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Damage: 4
Duration: 20 seconds

Causes most enemies to writhe in pain as they take damage over time

Also curses the victim — and cursed enemies take extra damage.

How to Unlock the Crucio Curse

Acquired by completing Sebastian’s Companion Quest, In the Shadow of the Study:

  • Meet Sebastian outside the Slytherin Common Room
  • Go with Sebastian to meet Ominis
  • Speak with Ominis
  • Open Slytherin’s Door
  • Explore beyond the doorway
  • Figure out how to progress
  • Speak with Ominis about the hissing
  • Wait for Ominis to open the door
  • Explore beyond the serpent door
  • Find a way through
  • Talk to Sebastian
  • Talk to Ominis about Crucio
  • Talk to Sebastian (And agree to learn Crucio)
  • Explore beyond the doorway
  • Search Slytherin’s Scriptorium
  • Give the book to Sebastian
  • Leave the Scriptorium
  • Listen to what Ominis has to say
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