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aion classic classes ranger scout

Rangers are the ultimate kiters of Aion Classic. Can relate to wanting to always keep your enemies at a distance? You might really enjoy playing a Ranger!

Rangers are another Scout class respected for their bursts of DPS. But, instead of Assassin’s rune skillset Rangers have proficiency in trapping to strategically debuff their enemies. Yet, Rangers still rely heavily (if not even more heavily than Assassins), on evasion and mobility around the target. One of the key abilities that will help them keep their distance is their ability to stun on critical shots with their bow.

Ranger Roles: Ranged DPS, Crowd Control

aion classic ranger guide stats

What are Ranger’s best stats and what do they mean? Rangers excel at Accuracy and Agility, defining their ability to hit and their ability to dodge.

Unlike Assassins, Rangers do not have higher points in Power which, combined with lower Health stat, give the class additional reasons to keep their distance from the target.

This trade-off comes with Rangers having extra points in their best stats, however, making sure that while their arrows carry less damage individually, more of them hit the target and more of them deliver critical hits.

Cloth / Leather
Bows / Daggers / Swords

What can I expect from playing a Ranger in Aion Classic? Rangers are perfect kiters, and once the player masters ways of not letting the enemy get too close by actively using mobility, debuffs, and stuns, they will greatly enjoy the ability of Rangers to take their enemies down quickly and efficiently.

It’s worth noting that Rangers can switch to melee weapons just like an Assassin can pull out a bow, the close-range position is nowhere near as deadly for a Ranger compared to their damage output with a bow. Thus, expect to get comfortable with retreating, stunning, snaring, and constantly maintaining distance from your target if you choose to play this class.

aion classic ranger guide playing solo
aion classic ranger guide solo abilities

Rangers share another similarity with their sister Scout subclass — defending themselves by dealing as much damage as quickly as possible. And, just like with the Assassins, leather armor will not serve enough protection for Ranger to take a lot of hits, which makes evasion essential for the Ranger in close combat.

Sometimes their targets will find a way to close the distance through stuns and traps, and the Ranger will not be able to regain their ranged position. In those cases, a dagger or a sword can be important to keep in rotation to finish their enemy off.

aion classic ranger guide group play

Rangers have a few CC skills, as well as their ability to stun upon critical hit, which will come useful for holding opponents at bay in a way similar to how Ranger maintains distance in solo play. With these, Rangers could allow their party to pull in more enemies that they would have otherwise.

A group setting is a great place for Rangers to have all the space and protection to deal as much damage as possible. Of course, Rangers also have a chance to pull aggro for the same reason as Assassins would with their bursts of damage, which they can negate with aggro-lowering skills like Calming Whisper (and, in most cases, they probably should).

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