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aion classic classes spiritmaster

By balancing out weaknesses of the Sorcerer, Spiritmasters take the crown when it comes to both solo PvE and solo PvP. Where Spiritmaster’s DPS and CC become secondary, they excel at keeping enemies away, debuffing them, and dealing massive damage over time.

Quick reaction and some multitasking will be essential when playing this class. However, you will find Spiritmaster’s playstyle unique at least because it is the only class utilizing summons in Aion Classic!

Spiritmaster Roles: Pet DPSCrowd ControlOff-tank

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What are Spiritmaster’s best stats and what do they mean? Spiritmaster’s stats aren’t very different from that of a Sorcerer, showing mastery of mana pool and recover, spell accuracy, and spell damage over evasion, physical damage, and health sustain.

However, where Sorcerer sacrifices some Will and thus mana and its recovery, Spiritmaster is fine exchanging the DPS value for a reliable torrent damage dealt over longer time.

Spellbooks / Orbs

What can I expect from playing a Spiritmaster in Aion Classic? Quick reflexes at the start of the battle, multitasking, and positioning strategy is essential to mastering the Spiritmaster class. If you are caught with your robes down, failure to quickly cast a shield or a Spirit Substitution spell might result in a quick defeat.

You will need to keep in mind that anything getting through the defense you will build up with debuffs and summons will cause you a lot of damage. Multitasking between you and your summon will be essential to the effective use of the class, requiring you to pay attention to the proper positioning as well as proper timing for actions involving both of the units.

spiritmaster solo image aion classic

If Sorcerer finds PvE a walk in the park, then the Spiritmaster is the true master of solo play. After all, the Spiritmaster is never playing completely solo with the support of their summons, many of which can take on both the tank and DPS roles alike.

Protected by their summons, Spiritmaster can add to the damage output while also providing minor healing to their pet. Alternatively, the Spiritmaster can let their spirit fight one of the monsters while taking on the rest themselves.

In another scenario, involving more tough targets, a Spiritmaster can kite an enemy with their summons. The summon’s damage as well as the Spiritmaster’s damage-over-time skills will ensure even the elite targets will be defeated with enough given time. Some expert Spiritmasters can even take on bosses and heroic monsters.

spiritmaster group play aion classic

In a way, Spiritmaster always makes their own small group, but they are still a welcome addition to many parties, at least because their Spirit Erosion skill increases the drop rate of rare items.

Another unique aspect of the Spiritmaster is their unique ability to remove some of the buffs from bosses in higher-level instance areas with their Dispel Magic (unlocked early in the game) and Disenchantment Blaze abilities.

Beyond all of that, Spiritmasters are still great secondary DPS dealers and are useful debuffers, further able to serve an off-tank role in a group with one of their defensive strategies (like the kiting one we discussed in the previous section).

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2 years ago

só gostaria de saber onde consigo o elmo do espirito de vento estou a anos tentando descobrir (

Reply to  Raydon
2 years ago

De acordo com esta fonte:

Você pode adquirir o chapéu do espírito do vento em Pandaemonium do comerciante Emma, ou em Sanctum do comerciante Gracia. Espero que ajude!