Aion Classic Character Reservation: Faction Balance Measures

Yesterday NCSOFT opened character reservations for Aion Classic on the two servers they are planning to release with.

After less than a day and thousands of characters reserved they’ve have to implement limitations on which factions can be created prior to launch to help mitigate faction imbalance issues.

Hi everyone. With thousands of Aion Characters already created (hype!), and server/faction imbalances beginning to manifest themselves, we plan to begin implementing controls starting today. Expect to soon begin observing the following:

  • We will occasionally be restricting character creation for individual factions, in order to help with faction balance.
  • We may also restrict character creation on entire servers, if a server is lagging unacceptably far behind in population.
  • If players are unable to create a character on their desired server/faction, please check back later.
    • We plan to monitor creation activity and regularly update the controls as appropriate. However, since these updates can occur suddenly according to player behavior, we will not guarantee any broadcasting of when control changes take place.

Thank you, and best of luck!

Kibbelz (Source)

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