Aion Classic Pre-Launch FAQs

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Primary Sources

Unless specifically noted, the answers below are taken from the primary sources listed above which are all official NC / Aion sites. Other answers come directly from NC Community Manager Kibbelz on the Aion Classic Network Discord.

Why can’t I create an Asmodian character on <server>?

To ensure that factions are balanced, NCSoft is implementing restrictions on character creation to allow servers to maintain balanced populations between Elyos and Asmodian. It looks like Asmodian character creations were outnumbering Elyos creations in the early hours so restrictions have been put in place.

When will the restrictions be lifted?

We have no information on when the restrictions will be lifted. The only thing we can suggest is that you keep trying as the system may be automated and you may not get any kind of announcement when the restriction is lifted.

As of 11:00 am PDT on June 17, 2021, we’ve seen creation restrictions turned on and removed multiple times on both Siel and Israphel so the situation is dynamic.

Will they be adding servers to address the faction imbalance?

As of 2:30pm PDT on 6/16/21, NCSoft has not announced plans to create any new servers. We do not know how close the current servers are to being full and it’s important that one does not confuse a faction being locked with the server nearing capacity.

As a hypothetical example, if the maximum total population of a server is 10,000 characters and early on we saw 1500 Asmodian characters vs 500 Elyos characters, the server isn’t anywhere near capacity–but you might want to restrict the Asmodian creation to allow the Elyos creation to catch up.

How many characters can you make during Pre-creation?

Everyone is entitled to create ONE character per account during pre-creation.


Do you need to have purchased a Founders Pack to be able to participate in pre-creation on June 16th?

You do NOT need a Founders Pack to be able to pre-create ONE character starting on June 16th. Everyone is able to participate.

When does Classic NA launch?

June 23, 2021. One week after pre-creation has begun.

Where will the Aion Classic servers be hosted?

The servers will be hosted in Virginia, USA via AWS servers, similar to what retail uses.

Will Aion Classic NA be IP blocked to certain countries?

No, Classic NA is referenced by the Korean developers as ‘Global service’ and will not IP block any countries. That means that Europe and other regions will be able to freely play the game as well.

How many servers will there be at launch for Aion Classic?

There will be two servers, Siel and Israphel

What version will Aion Classic NA launch with?

The content of the Aion Classic we are introducing is based on the original 1.0 update. This server features PvE content up to level 50 as well as Rift and Fortress Battles for PvP.

However, there are many players who experienced difficulties in the original Aion due to the high EXP required to advance. These issues have been corrected in Classic and adjustments have been made so that the highest level can be reached in a shorter amount of time.

The contents are 1.0, but the implemented client system is version 2.7 so you can expect to see a more balanced and optimized version. For example, Remove Shock Skills and the Two-Handed Weapon Integration System that allow Altered State escape have been applied.

NOTE: The developers call it ‘Aion version 1.0’, but it is actually Aion 1.2 content restrictions, similar to what Aion Classic KR launched with.


Will there be European multi-language support for Aion Classic NA?

As of now, there are no plans to provide European localizations, however, as said before, there will be no IP blocks in place.


When will pre-creation start?

UPDATE 6/15/2021: Servers will open for Character Creation / Name Reservation at 9am PT on June 16th.


When will the download for pre-creation open up?

UPDATE 6/15/2021: The client will be available to download at some point during the maintenance window, scheduled for 4am – 6:30am PT on June 16th.

An update will be pushed to the NCLauncher which will then enable you to download Aion Classic.

Will there be faction restrictions in place during pre-creation?

UPDATE 6/14/21: From the Aion Classic Game Team: “We will be watching the character creation and faction balance closely. This includes all characters made prior to the 6/23 release. We do not want any server to be one-sided before anyone even has a chance to play.”

Will the game have a subscription?

Yes, the game will have an optional subscription called Siel’s Aura, sold in 3, 30, 90 and potentially 360 day intervals. Pricing is $15 per 30 days with discounts for purchasing longer durations ($15 for 30 days, $42 for 90 days).


Will there be a free-to-play period before the Siel’s Aura subscription is enabled?

Yes, June 23rd-June 30th (one week) will be the free-to-play period and there will be no restrictions. After that, you will get 1 hour of Siel’s Aura free per day and then restrictions will occur.

What is the difference between free-to-play users and Siel’s Aura subscribers?

Please check the chart below.

Are there Founders Packs available for purchase for Aion Classic, and if so, how long will they be available for?

Yes, there are Founders Packs available! They will be available until the Siel’s Aura subscription restrictions are put in place on June 30th. For more info, go to

Are there any bonuses for subscribing to Siel’s Aura?

In addition to the benefits from Siel’s Aura, purchasing the 30 option offers a free 30-day title every recurrence. The 90-day option offers a 90-day title and also includes a bundle of consumable items and a 90-day 12-slot storage pet.

Can bonus items be traded between characters on the subscribed account?

Bonus items are delivered to the account-wide Black Cloud Deliveries section in your in-game Mailbox. It can be claimed by any one character on the account – now or later. Once claimed, most items (including the pet) are bound to the character by default. You can confirm the restrictions on the item by mousing over them before claiming.

Will Aion Classic NA have a battle pass system?

Yes, it will have the Daeva Pass system similar to what the Korean Classic version has. They haven’t confirmed yet what will be in the pass.


Will the Daeva Pass system have seasons?

Yes, it will have multiple seasons with rotating rewards. More info TBA.


What is their strategy for dealing with the bot issue?

We will be watching very closely, and have increased bot watching planned for Classic.Source:

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