Legion Killer Guide – Dead by Daylight

Added to the game in the Chapter 10: Darkness Among Us, Legion is one of Dead by Daylight’s original Killers. Wielding a Hunting Knife and the Feral Frenzy power, they are one of the best killers in the game for finding and applying pressure on survivors. In this guide, we’ll explain how all of Legion’s powers and perks work, and cover basic tactics and strategies to help you succeed as Frank, Julie, Susie, and/or Joey.

dbd legion iridescent
One Iridescent for Each Member of the Legion

Feral Frenzy dbd legion feral frenzy icon

Legion has one primary power, Feral Frenzy, which has several attributes.

When the Power Gauge is full, pressing the power button will activate Feral Frenzy. While this is active, Legion will move much faster and gain the ability to Feral Vault over obstacles as quickly as a Survivor’s Medium Vault, such as windows or dropped pallets (though they will still be stunned is a pallet is dropped on them. While Feral Frenzy is active, Legion’s attack will also become a Feral Slash, which replaces his regular attack until the end of the effect.

Attacking a Survivor with the Feral Slash will put them into the Injured State (even if they were already injured) and inflict the Deep Wound status effect, which will down a Survivor if they do not mend it within a window of time. After a Survivor has been hit by Deep Wound, all Survivors in Legion’s Terror Radius will be revealed by Killer Instinct, and Legion’s movement speed will increase even further. If you are able to chain together 4 successful Feral Slashes during a single Feral Frenzy, your 5th Feral Slash will immediately down a Survivor and end your Feral Frenzy.

Feral Frenzy lasts for 10 seconds, but this timer will reset every time you hit a Survivor with Feral Slash. If your power runs out, you miss with a Feral Slash, you hit a Survivor already afflicted by Deep Wound, or you down a Survivor with your 5th Feral Slash, Feral Frenzy will end and you will be fatigued for 3 seconds.

dbd legion feral frenzy
Feral Frenzy gives you a speed boost, lets you vault over obstacles, causes your attacks to injure and afflict Deep Wound on survivors, and lets you find Survivors with Killer Instinct.
  • Once you’ve hit a Survivor with a Feral Slash, you should look around for other Survivors using your Killer Instinct.
    • DO NOT hit the same Survivor twice during a Feral Frenzy unless they have already mended their Deep Wound, as this will end your Frenzy and you won’t deal any more damage to them in the process.
  • Use your Feral Frenzy to quickly traverse the map and surprise Survivors who thought you were far away.
  • Feral Frenzy is most effective against Survivors who are nearby to each other.

Legion’s perks all focus on applying pressure on Survivors, encouraging an aggressive playstyle that will keep Survivors split up and on their toes.

Discordancedbd discordance

Discordance will reveal the aura of any Generator within 64/96/128 meters that is being repaired by 2 or more survivors. When a Generator is first highlighted in this manner, a Loud Noise notification will play to help reveal its location.

This is an incredibly useful perk for finding groups of Survivors, which is where Legion’s power excels. It also tends to help you force Survivors to split up, which makes picking them off individually easier.

Mad Grit dbd madgrit

Mad Grit will cause you to suffer no cool-down on missed attacks while carrying a Survivor, allowing you to attack freely while carrying one. If you successfully hit a Survivor while carrying another, that Survivor’s escape meter will pause for 2/3/4 seconds.]

This perk has limited usefulness, but it can come in clutch when you happen across a group of Survivors who try to prevent you from reaching the hook while carrying a Survivor, whether that be with flashlights or their own bodies. It can also catch some Survivors by surprise who expect you to be rendered inert while carrying a Survivor.

Iron Maiden dbd ironmaiden

Iron Maiden causes survivors who exit Lockers to scream and gain the Exposed status effect for 30 seconds, revealing their location to you for 4 seconds. It also enables you to open Lockers 30/40/50% faster.

This perk is very useful against Survivors who tend to hide in Lockers often, as it renders that playstyle much, much less effective. It can also be very useful for Killers who frequently need to visit lockers to recharge their Powers, like the Trickster and the Huntress (though, notably, not Legion). That said, it is rendered almost entirely useless if the Survivors aren’t using Lockers to hide, whether that is because they are running away, or simply because they are hiding using other methods.

Because of Legion’s aggressive playstyle that rewards hunting groups of Survivors, perks that help locate groups are generally best. However, Legion’s tendency to move around the map quickly also means that Generator Regression builds are also viable.

  • Discordance: Helps find groups of Survivors and interrupt repair progress by showing you where groups of Survivors are and which Generator is likely to be the most complete.
  • Fearmonger: You will come up on many Survivors who think they are safe repairing a Generator, thinking you are still chasing other Survivors. This perk lets them think that for a few seconds longer, so you can get the jump on them.
  • Barbecue and Chilli: Locates survivors who are far away from you after getting a successful hook. Since Legion can close the gap fast, this is doubly useful.
  • Jolt: Since your chases tend to be short, you will be downing many Survivors near the Generators they were working on, and this allows you to damage Generators at the same time.
  • Call of Brine: You will be traversing the map often, and can use this to keep the pressure on Survivors and prevent them from completing Generators.
  • Dead Man’s Switch: Because you will be interrupting Survivors on Generators more often than most killers, blocking abandoned Generators is incredibly useful.
  • Eruption: Once you’ve split up the Survivors, they will likely repair many different generators. You will be laying pressure all over the map and can trap the generators they are working on, so that when you down a Survivor, this perk can have a chain effect.
  • Nowhere to Hide: If Survivors notice you coming to their Generator and hide, you can use this perk to find where they went and begin your Feral Frenzy.
dbd legion loadout
A suggested loadout:
Add-Ons: Stylish Sunglasses and Susie’s Mix Tape
Perks: Discordance, Barbecue and Chilli, Fearmonger, and Jolt
Offering: Ebony Momento Mori or Any Deviousness Wreath

Legion is an aggressive, fast-moving Killer, and is generally considered easy to play. When playing Legion, there are essentially two primary things you should be concerned with.

As a Legion, your very first priority should be to make sure every Survivor is injured. If you are using the Never-Sleep Pills add-on, you can immediately activate your power and head toward the farthest Generators, where the Survivors are most likely to be. If you are using the Discordance perk, you can even know precisely where a group of Survivors are right at the beginning.

dbd feral frenzy gif
At the start of the match, I used Discordance to find a group of Survivors, then activated Feral Frenzy when I knew I was close enough to hit at least one of them with Feral Slash, beginning a chain.

From here, you should approach as quickly as possible. Once you are very close to the Survivors and they have started running, you should activate your Feral Frenzy and hit whichever is the closest. After hitting one, immediately use your Killer Instinct to find another, and hit them with your Feral Slash. If you do this ideally, you can usually get three Survivors injured and afflicted with Deep Wound right at the start of the game, and if you are lucky you might be able to get all four (which means you can also hit the fourth one twice, in order to down them using your fifth Feral Slash).

Whatever the case, you should continue putting pressure on Survivors and using Feral Frenzy to keep them injured until all four of them are. It is only after they all are that you should move on to the next step.

dbd legion ideal
No need for Feral Frenzy

Once every Survivor has been injured (and some of them are likely still afflicted with Deep Wound), now is when you can begin your killing spree. Since it cannot down injured Survivors, your Feral Frenzy should be used very sparingly, and usually just to help you locate Survivors or traverse the map quickly. For most of the rest of the game, you should be trying to locate and take out Survivors while in your regular killer form. Perks to help you locate Survivors or win chases are especially useful at this stage, as you won’t be able to rely on your Feral Frenzy to do either.

Either way, you should be patrolling Generators, and damaging whichever ones you come across, especially if you have any perks or add-ons that make this more efficient or useful.

If you are having trouble finding Survivors, or if they are routinely winning chases or healing, then it can be useful to use Feral Frenzy to help you. Since you can afflict even an injured Survivor with Deep Wound, you can do this just in order to get the Killer Instinct and help you find the sneakier Survivors, and then can deactivate your powers before reaching those stealth masters so you can down them. Your power also does have some limited use in both traversing the map and, in the right circumstances, causing Survivors to panic in order to interrupt generators and force them to deal with Deep Wound. These are edge cases, however, and you should generally not use Feral Frenzy while all four Survivors are injured.

Unlike most other Killers, Legion can afford to break away from most chases early. This is because his Power relies on getting the drop on Survivors, especially in groups, and Survivors tend to group up most often when they think the Killer is preoccupied with a Chase. Of course, Legion already should break off of chases if they are using their power, since subsequent hits against the same Survivor will only fatigue Legion. However, it can be worth while to break away from chases even against injured targets, if you know that it will allow you to get the drop on a group of Survivors trying to sneak a Generator past you.

Since Legion should be applying so much pressure to Generators and should be interrupting Survivors on them, this strategy can ensure that the Survivors are making no progress, while keeping them injured and split up. With perks that make damaging generators more effective, this can be a brutal strategy, leaving Survivors feeling like there is no way to make progress or without being punished.

Feral Frenzy makes chases easy, while at the same time making them unwinnable. On one hand, your increased movement speed and ability to vault means that you should be able to get a Feral Slash in almost every chase. However, using Feral Frenzy also means that you probably won’t be able to down the Survivor, unless you’ve built up a Feral Slash chain, since they will have 3 seconds to get away from you if the power ends.

So, what is a Legion supposed to do in a chase? Activate Feral Frenzy to get the hit off? Or try to win the chase without your power, even though it will take longer, so that you can actually down and hook the Survivor? Well, each chase is unique, but there are generally 3 different things that a chasing Legion should do:

  • If the Survivor is not Injured: You should almost always use your Feral Frenzy in order to catch up to them and injure them. After you’ve hit them, you can use your Killer Instinct to break off from the chase and find other Survivors, leaving them to deal with their injury and Deep Wound.
  • If the Survivor is Injured, but other Survivors Aren’t: You should use your Feral Frenzy to catch up with them and cause Deep Wound, which will keep them busy for some time but, more importantly, allow you to use your Killer Instinct to locate Survivors that you still need to injure.
  • If all Survivors are Injured: You should not use your Feral Frenzy, since it will only serve to mildly inconvenience the Survivor when you are at the stage when you should be eliminating them. Chase them as normal so that you can down them.

Of course, there will be times when you will need to break these guidelines, such as finding well-hidden Survivors after injuring the rest. However, these guidelines are applicable in the vast majority of cases as Legion. As you play, you will develop a better sense of when to do something that deviates from these guidelines.

Now that you have a complete strategy guide for Legion, including how to play them, their best perks and add-ons, and their best strategies, you have everything you need to win trials and earn iridescent medals with them. Have fun killing!

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