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It can be confusing trying to figure out how and why you did or didn’t rank up in Dead by Daylight. In this guide, we’ll go over how pipping works, what emblems you need to earn at each grade in order to pip, and then look at exactly how you earn the various emblems.

Before we dive into the numbers, let’s take a look at the post-game score screen, so that you can better visualize what we’re going to talk about.

ranks grades score screen dbd guide

In this image, the player has earned 1 Pip, by getting two Silver Emblems, one Gold Emblem, and one Iridescent Emblems. The white pip indicates the threshold that was reached (1 Pip). You can see the vertical lines on the progress bar that indicate total points earned, in this case 11 (4 for the Iridescent, 3 for the Gold, and 2 for each Silver).

The black marker on the score line is the point below which the player would lose a pip, and the red marker on the right-hand end of the line is the point at which the player would have earned a second pip.

To rank up in DBD, you must earn Pips, which you can get by earning enough Emblem Points in a trial. Emblem points are awarded based on the type of Emblems you earn:

Emblem Points Earned

Grades are reset on the 13th of each month, and depending on what grade you finish at, you’ll receive different rewards.

Bloodpoint Reward
Iridescent IV
Iridescent III
Iridescent II
Iridescent I

Since there are 4 Emblem categories, you can earn up to 16 Emblem points in a given trial. How many points you need to pip depends not only on total Emblem points, but also on what rank you are. Depending on your total Emblem Points, you can gain 0 Pips (sometimes called Black Pip), 1 Pip, 2 Pips, or even lose 1 Pip if you’re Rank 15 or higher.

Killer Emblem Points
Survivor Emblem Points
Ash IV-I
Bronze IV
Bronze III-I
Silver IV-I
Gold IV-I
Iridescent IV-II
Iridescent I

The amount of Pips required to rank up depends on your grade:

Pips Required
Ash II-I, Bronze IV-I
Silver IV-I, Gold IV-I, Iridescent IV-II
lightbringer icon dbd

Lightbringer points are tied to the Survivor objectives in the game: the generators, Exit Gates, and Totems. For this emblem, more points is better.

  • Bronze – 30 points
  • Silver – 100 points
  • Gold – 190 points
  • Iridescent – 270 points

Starting value: 0

  • 1-100 points: repairing generators (1 point for each 1% of gen progress you contribute)
  • 0-33.3 points: being chased while other survivors repair generators (you get up to 100% of these points, depending on the repair progress of the generator)
  • 5 points: awarded to all survivors each time a generator is fully repaired
  • 5 points: being chased while another Survivor cleansed a Dull Totem
  • 10 points: being chased while another Survivor cleansed a Hex Totem
  • 15 points: opening an exit gate
  • 20 points: cleansing a dull totem
  • 50 points: cleansing a Hex Totem

Let’s take a look at how you might earn an Iridescent emblem in a trial, based on our suggested strategy of doing 2 gens:

Completing 2 generators will grant you 200 points, leaving 70 to go. Cleansing a couple of dull totems will grant an additional 40, leaving 30 to go. Then, being chased a few times while other survivors complete a generator will grant up to 33.3, putting your theoretical total to 273, earning you the Iridescent emblem.

gens before friends pipping guide image
Gens before friends
unbroken icon dbd

Unbroken points are tied to your survival in the trial. For this emblem, less points is better.

  • Bronze – 899 points
  • Silver – 799 points
  • Gold – 699 points
  • Iridescent – 0 points

Starting value: 0

  • 1 point: get put in the Dying State (on the ground) by the killer
  • 799 points: die after being alive more than 9 minutes
  • 899 points: die after being alive less than 9 minutes, but more than 5 minutes
  • 999 points: die before 5 minutes has passed

This emblem is straightforward: if you don’t ever go down (get put in the Dying State) and you escape the trial, you’ll earn an Iridescent emblem. If you go down one or more times, but escape, you’ll earn gold.

If you die in the trial, staying alive at least 5 minutes will earn you Bronze, while staying alive more than 9 minutes will earn you Silver.

escaping image pipping dbd guide
Earning emblems sometimes means leaving people behind (though I went back for that person, I swear)
benevolant icon dbd

Benevolent points are tied to assisting the other Survivors in the game, by healing, unhooking, or otherwise protecting them. In this category, more points is better.

  • Bronze – 25 points
  • Silver – 45 points
  • Gold – 75 points
  • Iridescent – 100 points

Starting value: 35

  • 20 points: unhook a Survivor safely (Survivor is not downed within 10 seconds of being unhooked)
  • -30 points: unhook a Survivor who is downed within 10 seconds of you unhooking them
  • -10 points: Killer hooks a Survivor
  • 10 points: awarded to every Survivor when a Survivor is unhooked
  • 1-10 points: heal a Survivor (1 point for each 10% of total healing progress)
  • 10 points: take a hit while the Killer is carrying a Survivor
  • 10 points: rescue a Survivor from the Killer’s grasp by sabotaging a nearby hook (within 10 meters) — the Survivor must wiggle free after you sabotage the hook
  • 30 points: rescue a Survivor from the Killer’s grasp by dropping a pallet on the Killer or blinding them)


  • x0.15: bonus added to any points earned in the Basement or after the Exit Gates are powered

Let’s take a look at how you might earn an Iridescent emblem in a trial, based on our suggested strategy of trying to unhook two survivors:

Unhooking 1 Survivor safely, then healing them, will grant you 30 points. Do that twice, and you’ve earned 60 bonus points, giving you 95 when added to your 35 starting points. Take a hit while the Killer is carrying a Survivor, and you’ll have 105 points and an Iridescent emblem locked in.

It’s important not to let Survivors get hooked and then die without being unhooked, since you’ll lose 10 points each time this happens. It’s also important that you don’t unhook a Survivor while the killer is nearby, unless you have Borrowed Time or are willing to bodyblock the Killer, since you’ll lose 30 points if the Killer downs that person within 10 seconds of you unhooking them.

unhooking dbd guide rank up pipping
“Don’t get the wrong idea — I’m here for the emblem points”
evader icon dbd

Evader points are tied to running and hiding from the Killer. In this category, more points is better.

  • Bronze – 230 points
  • Silver – 380 points
  • Gold – 560 points
  • Iridescent – 880 points

Starting value: 100

  • 1 point: earned for each second spent in the Killer’s Terror Radius, multiplied based on your distance from the Killer:
    • x6: within 5 meters
    • x2.2: within 10 meters
    • x1.1: within 20 meters
    • x0.5: within 30 meters
    • x0.3: within 25 meters
    • x0.1: within 64 meters
    • x0: further than 64 (this is rare, since you’re almost never in the Terror Radius while being 64+ meters away from the Killer — occurs with some Legion addons or the Plague’s Dark Devotion perk)
  • -10 points: being hit by the Killer while in a chase
  • 50 points: stunning the Killer with a Pallet

Points are also earned for each second in a chase with the Killer:

  • 1 point: per second, 0-15 seconds
  • 25 points: per second, 16-30 seconds
  • 60 points: per second, 31-45 seconds
  • 125 points: per second, 46-60 seconds
  • 250 points: per second, for every second past 60 seconds

These points are then multiplied depending on your distance from the killer:

  • x1.2: within 5 meters
  • x0.6: within 20 meters
  • x0.3: within 45 meters
  • x0.1: within 60 meters

Other Multipliers and Important Info

  • x2: bonus added to any points earned in a chase that you win (you win a Chase if it ends without you being hit)
  • 5 seconds: length of time out of chase required for a chase to “end”
  • 15 seconds: how often points are “banked” in a chase (if you get hit or downed 25 seconds into a chase, you’ll only earn the points from the first 15 seconds of the chase)

Let’s take a look at how you might earn an Iridescent emblem in a trial, based on our suggested strategy of getting in at least two chases:

Let’s say you get chased by the Killer two times. The first time, the chase starts while you’re within 20 meters of the killer, and they get within 5 meters after the first 15 seconds — you’ll bank (15 x 1 x 0.6) = 9 points. Then, you loop them around a pallet for another 15 seconds while relatively close to them (within 10 meters) — you’ll bank (15 x 25 x .6) = 225 points. Let’s say you even manage to hit the Killer with the Pallet, which will earn you another 50 points.

If you were to escape at this point, losing the Killer for 5 seconds, you’d multiply your total of 284 by 2, giving you 568 points, with 212 to go for an Iridescent emblem. You can imagine how one more similar chase (even if you eventually lost it) would earn you Iridescent.

hiding from killer pipping rank guide dbd
While hiding is a great strategy, it earns you very few Evader points: you would have to spend two minutes within 5 meters of the Killer to earn an Iridescent Evader emblem without being chased

We hope this guide was helpful! Please leave any suggestions or questions you have in the comments below.

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