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Welcome to our Alone in the Dark walkthrough!

Not to be confused with the original Alone in the Dark released back in 1992, this walkthrough is dedicated to THQ Nordic and Pieces Interactive’s 2024 reimagining of that survival horror staple. This new spin on Alone in the Dark takes us back to the puzzle, mystery, and horror-ridden Derceto manor. And seeing how that place has its fair share of dark corners, confounding head-scratchers, and not at all obvious secrets, our walkthrough is here to help you out on your journey.

Alone in the Dark is split into five separate chapters, and so is our walkthrough. Seeing how you can play through the game as either Emily Hartwood or Edward Carnby, and they occasionally have sections unique to them, our walkthroughs always make a note of when a particular piece of content is exclusive to a specific character.

Much like in the original Alone in the Dark, you can play as Emily Hartwood or Edward Carnby here. And while the bulk of the game remains the same regardless of which character you choose, they do come with certain differences. Our detailed Which Character Should You Pick? article will help you make this choice, but at a glance:

  • Emily is voiced by Jodie Comer and Edward by David Harbour.
  • Edward’s story is more humorous, Emily’s more somber.
  • Edward’s unique story section has more combat and puzzle-solving, Emily’s lets you explore an otherwise inaccessible section of Derceto.
  • Emily’s starting weapon is marginally better than Edward’s.

Whoever you pick, keep in mind that if you want to uncover every one of Derceto’s secrets, you will want to play through the game as both Emily and Edward, as certain secrets and collectibles persist through multiple playthroughs.

The image below will be your shortcut to finding all Locks, Key Items, Clues, and Lagniappes in the game. Note that some of the areas, as well as Chapter 3, are not depicted on the maps.

You can follow the list for your 100% completion of Collectibles, for achievements like “You Can’t Keep Me Out!” (Open all of the safes and locks in the game), “Look At All the Free Stuff I Got!” (Find all the lagniappes), and “Librarian” (Read all the clues). Note that you will have to play the game both as Edward and Emily to get all of the items.

Click on the image to view it in full resolution. PC users may want to right click and select “Open Image in New Tab” to better view it at full size.

alone in the dark all collectibles map walkthrough all keys all locks all clues all lagniappes final

You can also follow along with our comprehensive walkthrough guides (you can go ahead and jump right into Chapter 1), and we will help you pick all of these up along the way.

If you’re just setting out on your Alone in the Dark journey and wouldn’t know your talisman from your lagniappe, you might want to familiarize yourself with this section that will tell you how the game works and share some general tips and helpful tricks you might find useful during your stay at Derceto.

  • Throughout the game, there will be places where you can press the interact key to climb, crawl, or otherwise move through the environment. These locations will generally have red paint (or perhaps blood) to indicate that you can interact with them and move over, under, or through them.
  • There are several types of throwable items in the game, like bricks and Molotov cocktails, but when you’re interacting with them in the environment, they all have the same icon. Make sure you’re actively looking at what you’re about to throw. And if it’s a Molotov, occasionally you’ll also need to shoot a bullet at the puddle it produces to set it aflame.
  • Whenever you load a save, even if it’s a manual one, the game will place you at the latest autosave spot. Don’t be alarmed when you load your game and find yourself in a different spot from where you saved – you don’t lose your progress when the game rolls you back like this.
  • If you’re a fan of narration, make sure you visit your Objectives screen whenever you get a new one. The voice acting for the quests in your log is very enjoyable, but you can miss most of it if you’re not manually checking out your Objectives often.

If you’d like to know more about specific aspects of the game, then you might be interested in the following articles:

In the best traditions of survival horror games, Alone in the Dark features a fair share of puzzles for you to solve. These range from tile-sliding puzzles to cracking substitution ciphers and everything in-between. If you need help with any of the game’s puzzles, you can find detailed solutions for them below:

While it may seem like gibberish to you, lagniappe is actually a real word with Cajun-French origins that roughly translates as “something extra.” In the context of Alone in the Dark, Lagniappes are collectible items scattered all over the game. There’s a total of 45 of them in the game, all separated into sets of 3. Collecting a complete set grants you a reward. These range from simple extra bits of lore, to unlocking new weapons and even secret endings for you. If you’d like to know more, check out our All Lagniappe Locations article.

Here’s some additional information on the individual sets:

Even though it’s a game primarily focused on atmosphere and exploration, Alone in the Dark does feature several boss fights. If any of these catch you off guard, you might want to consult our boss guides:

  • Boss Strategies
    • How to Beat the Dark Man Library Encounter
    • How to Beat Jacob van Ostadte
    • How to Beat the Black Goat of the Woods

Seeing how we’re at the end of our walkthrough hub for Alone in the Dark, it’s only appropriate to discuss the game’s endings here. Simply beating the game will leave you with a fairly satisfying ending. However, collecting certain Lagniappe sets will allow you to unlock a total of three additional secret endings that range from grim to fourth wall breaking and amusing. Check out our Endings article for additional details.

And there you have it. A complete Alone in the Dark walkthrough. We hope it was helpful for you in some way. If you have any additional questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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