How to Solve the Star Slide Puzzle – Alone in the Dark

Immediately after solving the Barlow Telescope Puzzle, you will be taken to another room, and forced to solve another puzzle, in the form of large star slides, before you can proceed. In this guide, we will go over how to solve this puzzle.

Star Slide Puzzle

In principal, the Star Slide Puzzle is the same concept as the two plate puzzles earlier in the chapter — meaning your goal is rearrange all of the pieces into a coherent picture. There are two key differences, however:

  • The full picture this time is a square, meaning there is no clear indicator on what pieces go to the middle or the sides.
  • Pieces can only be moved, not rotated.

The best slide to use as a reference will be the piece that has a large white star on the left side of it — this will be the centerpiece of the puzzle and has the most lines on it. From here, move the slides so that the lines in it will connect to the piece in the center. When all the slides are arranged correctly, the full picture will look like the picture below:

alone in the dark star slide puzzle solution

Solving the puzzle will show you your next destination, and the game will even solve the next Talisman puzzle for you! From here, you can move on to the Dining Room to see what awaits you.

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