Unmasked Evil Lagniappe – Alone in the Dark

The Unmasked Evil item in Alone in the Dark is a Lagniappe, which are the in-game collectibles. It is one of the more hidden Lagniappes, and players can easily pass it by. Also, players will likely have found the first two in this Lagniappe’s set, meaning they just need this last one to uncover the “Forbidden Knowledge”. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the spooky mask that is Unmasked Evil.

The Unmasked Evil Lagniappe can be found at the beginning of Chapter 3, in Taroella. When you first enter Taroella, you will ascend the staircases, until you’re on the third story. Beware not to grab the Key of Hubertus from the monk statue on the third story until you find this Lagniappe, as doing so will prohibit you from getting the Lagniappe.

Immediately after ascending the last set of stairs, look at the ivy-covered wall, and you’ll see a crack that you can slip through (Image 1). Inside is a room and the Unmasked Evil Lagniappe will be on a table (Image 2).

The Unmasked Evil is a part of the Beast of Burden Lagniappe set. There are two other pieces in this set for players to find:

alone in the dark lagniappe unmasked evil set menu

Similar to most of the Lagniappe sets in the game, the Beast of Burden set will unlock some hidden text, called “Forbidden Knowledge”. This text provides players with information about the game, and fills in some blanks to a complicated story. While it can be fun to find the Lagniappes yourself, if you just want to read the bonus text, click on the drop-down below.

alone in the dark lagniappe unmasked evil set bonus text

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