Jangling Shaker Lagniappe – Alone in the Dark

Used by bartenders all over, the particular Jangling Shaker you find in Alone in the Dark is a unique Lagniappe collectible. When combined with two other similar items, it unlocks a secret objective for you to tackle. This guide will help you obtain it.

It’s actually quite easy to miss the Jangling Shaker, so make sure you pick it up early in Chapter 4, before you head down to the basement. To grab it, you’ll need to collect the Stairwell Key from Dr. Gray’s office, then enter the First Floor Hallway. Then, you’ll need to leave it, and reenter it. If you do so, the Grand Parlor will transform into the Maccabbean Jazz Club, which you can enter through the door right across from the Empty Room (see image 1 below). When you do so, it will briefly transform into a Jazz club (see image 2 below). The Jangling Shaker is waiting for you on the floor behind the counter there (see image 3 below).

Jangling Shaker is a part of A Goat Without Horns Lagniappe set. To complete this set, you’ll also need the following Lagniappes:

alone in the dark a goat without horns featured image

Once you gather all three, you’ll get The Tree Whispers Secret Objective you can read more about in the set guide. You’ll also get a few vague hints through the following Bonus Text, which you can reveal by clicking on the dropdown below.

alone in the dark a goat without horns bonus text

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29 days ago

To get the Jazz Club Shift Reality spawning in the Grand Parlor early on, you need to get the stairwell key first (at Dr Gray’s Office which the key you can obtain in a safe on the Clerk’s Office – the tip about the combination is in the Cassandra’s Room in the 2nd Floor)