Chapter 5 – Alone in the Dark

You’ve made it this far, and explored everything you can. After a delusion (or was it?) caused you to assault Jeremy, you find yourself waking up in the Small Parlor, just before the celebration of St. John. But what exactly is it that the patients and staff here at Derceto are planning? And how does it involve the wishing tree that in the center of the Conservatory?

After the series of cutscenes, you will be give free roam of the Conservatory, where all the patients and staff have gathered. If you are trying to get the Chatterbox achievement, or just want to hear what everyone has to say, you can talk to everyone up to 3 times (Image 1). In that case, it can be easy to miss Ruth, who is at the bottom of the stairs to your right (Image 2).

If you have collected the entire “All the World’s A Stage” Lagniappe set, requiring playthroughs with both Emily and Edward, then you will also have the ability to find a secret ending here.

Note: The secret ending is bugged at time of writing, and it may not be possible to get it. However, we are relatively confident that the following info is how the secret ending is accessed.

If you’ve completed “All the World’s A Stage” Lagniappe set (requiring you to have played at least through Chapter 4 with both characters), you can activate the secret ending by interacting (not talking) with Grace in order to “give her a something to play with.” Doing so will begin an alternate ending immediately.

Otherwise, if you don’t have that set or want to achieve the normal ending, you can approach the fountain (Image 3). There is no turning back from this point, and you will be given a prompt to “Wait for” your ally (either Miss Hartwood or Detective Carnby) (Image 4). This will trigger a cutscene.

Well, that was unexpected, even for this game. Regardless, after the cutscene, you will have something you need to pursue, to keep it from reaching New Orleans. There will be a bench in front of you to help you stock up on loot, and then behind the bench you can climb the broken walkway (Image 5).

This will lead to the roof, where you will be able to grab some loot from next to the chimnet before dropping back in to Derceto using a hole in the roof to pursue the Black Goat of the Woods (Image 6). The room you will drop in to will have more loot.

Continuing forward just a few steps from where you drop down will lead you to the final boss fight of Alone in the Dark: The Black Goat of the Woods! Luckily, we have a guide just for taking on this formidable (or one might say unspeakable?) foe, but we also have some tips here.

For the Sparknotes version: what you are trying to accomplish during this fight is to shoot the pale pustules that will form on the Black Goat (Image 7). During the first stage, where you are on the Mezzanine shoot down on the Black Goat, you’ll also need to avoid the Black Goat’s tentacle smashes (Image 8).

Eventually, the Black Goat will destroy the Mezzanine, forcing you to engage with it on level footing in the Grand Parlor. Immediately, enemies will start spawning from the monster’s backside (Image 9), requiring that you dispatch them (preferably with the shotgun). Eventually, the Black Goat will also stand back up. The most important thing while the Goat is on the move is to not stand in front of it, especially if it goes onto its hind legs (Image 10).

In order to damage the Black Goat, you will need to first disable its movement. You can do so by shooting at the pustules that will show up on its knees (Image 11). This will stagger it and make it fall, giving you a chance to go around its body destroying pustules all over (Image 12). Destroying all the pustules twice (though you may need to stagger it more) will be enough to defeat the Black Goat of the Woods.

And, with that, after watching the final cutscene, you will have beaten Alone in the Dark! Congratulations!

But, of course, there is still more to uncover. If you haven’t done a playthrough as both Edward and Emily, that means there are secrets left to find. When you are ready to learn them, you can start again with Chapter 1 of this walkthrough.

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