Matchbook Lagniappe – Alone in the Dark

Ah, yes…the Matchbook. A staple in any medium that claims to be Film Noir-themed. This particular item is a Lagniappe in Alone in the Dark; these are the game’s collectibles. You’ll need to collect all three pieces to make a set before earning the reward. The Matchbook gives players “Forbidden Knowledge”, which is essentially some context to the world and its story.

You’ll receive the Matchbook Lagniappe automatically during Chapter 3 when you’re whisked away to New Orleans’ docks by Ruth.

alone in the dark matchbook lagniappe ruth

The Matchbook is a part of The Crescent City Lagniappe set. The other Lagniappes you’ll need to find to complete this set are:

alone in the dark matchbook lagniappe set menu

Completing the set grants you the Forbidden Knowledge reward. If you want to see the information now, you can satiate your curiosity by clicking on the drop-down below.

alone in the dark the crescent city bonus text

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