How to Solve the Icon Medallion (Plate) Puzzles – Alone in the Dark

Shortly after solving the Boiling Room Talisman Puzzle in chapter 2, you find yourself in the Lafayette Cemetery. During your time here, you will come across a few puzzles involving plates with icons on them. In this guide, we will go through how to solve all of them.

There are a total of 3 Icon Puzzles throughout the cemetery, with each one adding an extra plate to the mix. The goal for all of them is the same though — arrange and rotate the plate(s) correctly in order to open the doors.

For the first puzzle, you will only need The Blessing plate (which you will conveniently find right next to the door). For this puzzle (and the later ones), the bronze lines on the outer rim will help show you how to rotate the plates — there are round lines on the plates that will line up with them.

The position for the first plate is simple. Rotate it until the hand is standing upward, and the door will open.

alone in the dark first icon puzzle solution

After getting further through the cemetery (and after picking up The Omen plate), you will find another door, this time requiring you to use both plates. This time you can swap the plates with each other, on top of rotating them. Just like before, check for the bronze lines on the outer rim to help know how the plates should be turned.

For this puzzle, you will want The Blessing on the bottom slot and facing upright once again, while The Omen will sit on top, with the plate making the bird’s head tilted a bit to the right.

alone in the dark second icon puzzle solution

Shortly after, you will find The Sacrifice. Now you can make your way back to the door with three slots (which you saw shortly after the first puzzle), and solve the final puzzle.

There are no lines on the borders to look out for in this one. Instead, you want to rotate the plates so that the round lines inside will line up with the circle of the other plates. You can accomplish this by making all 3 plate upright, then move them to the following positions:

  • The Blessing at the top
  • The Omen to the right
  • The Sacrifice to the left
alone in the dark third icon puzzle solution

Once you’ve solved the puzzle and opened the door, you will be done with the cemetery, and can proceed with your investigation.

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