Do Not Disturb Lagniappe – Alone in the Dark

This is one of Alone in the Dark’s Lagniappes, or collectible items. Given its presence in a relatively disturbing game, it comes off a bit ironic. It is one of the easier items to grab, but can also be overlooked by players who aren’t vigilant. As is the case with all Lagniappes, players will be rewarded with some “Forbidden Knowledge” if they can track down all three pieces to the set. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly when and how you can find the Do Not Disturb Lagniappe.

The Do Not Disturb Lagniappe is on the door of Dr. Gray’s apartment door on the second level of the house. When Chapter 4 starts, the player will have a last tour of the house, with some doors being locked to lead you on a set path. When you go past the servant stairs, ascend and walk over to the door that says, “Private No Entry” (Image 1). On the door’s knob will be a sign you can grab; this is the Lagniappe (Image 2).

The Do Not Disturb collectible is a part of the Prisoner of Ice Lagniappe set. There are two other pieces in this set for players to find:

alone in the dark do not disturb lagniappe set menu

You’ve probably already acquired a set of Lagniappes that reveal some hidden message for the game. This set, is no different, and it will give more clues as to the ending of Chapter 4. We understand if you want to find out for yourself, but in case you can’t wait, we provided the text for you in the drop-down below.

alone in the dark prinsoner of ice lagniappes hidden text

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