How to Solve Jeremy’s Tile Box Puzzle – Alone in the Dark

When you’re searching Jeremy’s room for clues during Chapter 1 of Alone in the Dark, you’ll find a box sitting on a dresser there. Examining the box reveals that it’s locked and missing a tile. If you’d like to know how to open that box, this guide will help you there.

The box itself will be on a dresser to your right after you enter Jeremy’s room (Image 1). It will be missing one tile (Image 2).

You won’t have to go far to locate the missing tile. Simply turn around and examine Jeremy’s work table (Image 3). There you’ll find the Commonplace Book (Image 4), an important source of hints for many of the game’s puzzles. Picking it up will also give you a Painted Tile (Image 5) – the item you need to unlock the box on the drawer.

With the tile in hand, interact with the locked box and you’ll get your first puzzle. The goal there is to create a complete picture of a tree in a circle. To do so, move the top-right tile down, then move the top-middle tile down, and finally, move the top-left tile to the top-middle position.

Unlocking the box will give you the Talisman Schematics clue you’ll need for a later puzzle and kick off a cutscene advancing the game’s story. If you need further help, be sure to consult our complete walkthrough.

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