How to Solve the X-Ray Examination Puzzle – Alone in the Dark

When you find yourself down in the Infirmary during Chapter 4 of Alone in the Dark, you’ll be treated to a prolonged session of puzzle-solving with the ultimate goal of extracting a piece of Jeremy’s Darkness from a series of X-Ray’s of his brain. This guide will tell you how to do it.

While this entire section is confined to the Infirmary area of Derceto, you will need a total of 4 items scattered throughout it to advance. Complicating the matter is the fact that soon after you enter the Infirmary, the power will go out, leaving you in total darkness. Using your flashlight, you will then need to collect two Radiographs and two Electrical Fuses.

alone in the dark x ray puzzle map

Standing with the stairwell entrance to the Infirmary behind you, move forward and visit the second room on your right for Radiograph #1 (Image 1). Leave that room and go through the open doorframe on the opposite side of the hallway. Keep going until you reach the radiography room. Inside you’ll find an Electrical Fuse (Image 2) and Radiograph #2.

On the desk right beside Radiograph #2, you’ll also find the Surgery Room Key (Image 3). Take it, and go back into the hallway. Now it’s time to open the previously locked door on the right side of the hall. There, you’ll be able to grab your second Electrical Fuse (Image 4).

With all the items in your possession, head back into the radiography room.

You’ll need electricity to look at Jeremy’s X-Rays. To turn it back on, find the circuit box on the wall of the radiography room (Image 5) and insert your two fuses there (Image 6).

With that done, you should flip the switches in the following order: 1 – 2 – 4. This will get the power flowing again and allow you to complete the main objective of this entire area.

To begin the puzzle, place the two radiographs you have on the X-Ray examination board. You will then need to choose three of the five radiographs available and create a complete image of Jeremy’s brain on the display to the left.

alone in the dark x ray puzzle board
Starting position

Some things you should keep in mind when dealing with this puzzle:

  • The radiographs don’t have to stay at a right angle
  • You need to actually place them down for the game to recognize your input
  • There’s way more leeway to the radiograph placement than you may assume.

With that out of the way, you need to grab the second radiograph on the top row, spin it so that the note is at the bottom, and place it on the lower row of the display (Image 7). This will serve as your baseline. Then, grab the remaining radiograph from the top row and place it on the left section of the display’s top row in such a way that it creates the left side of Jeremy’s brain (Image 8). Finally, grab the second radiograph from the middle row and complete the picture by placing it on the right section of the display’s top row (Image 9). It will end up sitting at a pretty odd angle, but place it anyway.

If you do it right, you will get Jeremy’s Darkness – the item you need to advance the story.

alone in the dark x ray puzzle darkness

Your next goal is up in the Attic, which is where you should be heading now. If that place gives you any trouble, do consult our complete walkthrough.

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